There is a new kit available at Bear Creek Felting

The Mouse kit is the newest kit available at Bear Creek Design.  The instructions include over 50 color pictures.  There are pictures of every step along with tips and methods that I use in making needle felted sculptures.  5 full pages of instructions printed on top quality paper along with general felting information.  I have also included information on the sheep at our ranch that provide the wool for this kit.  There is a lot of information in this kit that will help you learn how to make realistic looking sculptures out of wool.

The kit includes:
*grey wool
*glass eyes
*wool for making cheese
*2 felting needles, the perfect sizes for working with Romney wool
*Felting Cushion
*Instructions that will help you learn many new skills in the art of needle felting.  Over 50 color photographs and 5 pages of information.  Written by Fiber Artist Teresa Perleberg.

mouse needle felting kit


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