felting studio

My Needle Felting Studio/living room


Welcome to my Needle Felting Studio where I make all of my needle felted sculptures.  My studio also serves as my living room.  🙂  I found my beautiful desk at a local antique store and placed it right next to the window.  I have wonderful light, a beautiful view of our farm and the bird feeders.  Of course I dream  of having a large studio someday where can have everything in one place.  Right now I have my kit assembly and packaging space in the basement.



I try to keep the wool neat since my little studio is part of the living room.  I have found different boxes and baskets to hold my wool.


More Wool Storage

My spinning corner

This is my spinning corner which is also in the living room.  I keep all my spinning wool in the crock next to my chair.

The Stash of wool for spinning

This is the spinning wool stash!  What a mess, but beautiful at the same time.  Makes me want to spin just looking at it now.

What I’m currently spinning

This is what I am spinning now.  Look for this color combination in future snowman hats and scarves.

What I’m knitting

My Knitting pile!  I knit while my kids read to me during the day.  I keep the needles and yarn close by at all times and pick it up when I have few spare minutes.  I have to be careful to hide the snowman hats when I go to bed!  Our cat loves them and carries them around to listen to the bell jingle.  I sometimes look for days for the missing hats.

Shelf of Honor

I keep my favorite sculptures on the “Shelf of Honor” in our living room.  The safest place for the more valuable pieces with a houseful of children!


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