We are felting through the sheep breeds together in my Facebook group called Felt Along with Teresa Perleberg. The goal of this group is to experience felting with different breeds of wool. No instructions will be given on how to needle felt but beginners are welcome to join us. Each month we will vote on a breed of wool that we want to try needle felting. We will have time to gather supplies and we all will felt the sheep the wool came from together, sharing pictures, questions and thoughts on what we think of this type of wool for felting. We can also share what we learn about the breed of sheep. Share pictures of your wool of the month, works in progress and finished sheep.

Jacob sheep is what we will be felting next.  We will be felting the Jacob sheep into July, I haven’t decided when it should end.  I purchased some Jacob wool today and I am excited to get started! If you would like some inspiration go to Ruby Peak Farm’s website, they have beautiful pictures of their Jacob sheep.  Look for my future post on what I thought of needle felting with Jacob wool and pictures of my finished Jacob sheep.  

We are having fun sharing our experiences in the felt along group, join us.

Find the posts on our other Felt Alongs here.

Pictures provided by Ruby Peak Farms

needle felted moose wip

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