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Burundi Registered Romney Ram Lamb

Registered Romney Ram Lamb

Baby Uganda


This little guy is simply adorable.  We crossed a few of our Romney Ewes this year with our new Blue Faced Leicester Ram.  The crosses are all adorable, but this one is my favorite.  He is so full of energy it is hard to get a picture of him standing still long enough.  I love his ears and the grey goggles around his eyes.  He is extra friendly as well, allowing me to hold him and snuggle.  :-)


More and more babies everyday!  I love this time of year.  :-)



“Baby Burundi”Burundi- newborn Romney Lamb

First Lamb of the Year

Meet “Zambia”  our first lamb of 2014.  He is also our very first Blue Faced Leicester/Romney cross.  Love his ears, they are definitely BFL!baby lamb

Jesse Having Fun in the Snow


I didn’t get much done today as far as felting goes, just one snowman in fact. I had a good reason though, we went to pick up our new Golden Retriever puppy. I spent most of the day keeping him out of trouble or taking pictures of his cuteness. His new family has worn him out though and he is resting now at my feet. I am off to spin some wool into yarn . . .

So I don’t get MAULED by the sheep anymore . . . .


My husband has been working on this new fenceline feeding system for the sheep.  This is what he finished today.


He went to get the sheep to test it out . . .


The sheep are checking out the new system . . .DSC_9717


A little bit of corn.

In the past, while feeding them in the pen they would all come running and pin you on all sides so that you couldn’t move.  I’ve even had them squeeze in between my legs while the others pin me on all sides, making it so I couldn’t possibly move to give them their grain.  The new way will be perfectly lovely for happily and safely feeding them corn and alfalfa from the other side of the fence.  :-)


And the “Flushing of the Ewes” has begun.  :-) DSC_9741

P.S.  My husband wants you to know, he isn’t quite finished.  :-)

New Sheep on the Ranch

We have been raising registered Romney sheep since 2006.  We love our Romney sheep.  We have a small flock of 30 Romney’s and I use their wool in my art and kits.  Their wool is barely getting me through the year, so it was time to look for some more sheep.  I found Blue Faced Leicesters to be the perfect 2nd flock for us and on Sunday we went to pick up our small starter flock of 3 BFL sheep.

Romney sheep flock

This is my flock of Romney sheep, they like to run to greet me.  I might have a treat for them!

Which 2 of these are not like the others?

Which 2 of these are not like the others?

A couple strange sheep in the flock!

The new sheep on the block.

The new sheep on the block.

Here they are the 2 new BFL ewes.  (they don’t have names yet)

Blue Faced Leicester Ewe

 She came from the Big woods of Wisconsin.  Should we call her, Laura?

Romney eweRomney’s have a little more wool on their face!!  :-)

Blue Faced Leicester Ewe

 She is pretty shy, what should we name her?

BFL sheep

Here they are again.  Love their ears!

Blue Faced Leicester Ewe

She looks a bit like “Ma” from Babe.

BFL wool

Lovely wool!  Can’t wait until shearing time.

Blue Faced Leicester ram

This is our new BFL ram.  He is extremely friendly.

sheepWaiting for a little treat with his new Romney friend.

BFL ramA little treat of corn.

new ram lambPosing for a picture with Tucker.

BFL ram

More yummy corn.  He thinks he might like it here in ND.

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