Sheep Shearing Day 2012

Today was the day for sheep shearing.  We hire someone to come and shear our sheep.

The sheep awaiting their turn.

When the entire fleece is sheared we skirt it.  (removing the outer edges where the less desirable wool is.)  Then we pick through it removing any vegetable matter and anything else.  :-)

We started with the white sheep and then moved on to the grey/brown/black sheep.  This way the different color wools do not get mixed up.

A picture of the fleece on the skirting table.

The entire family joins in on the fun.  Sweeping off the shearing area and helping to pick through the wool.

Most of our sheep have been halter trained by the kids at one time or another.  The kids halter them and have them ready and in line for the shearer.

This one didn’t want to go next.

The chicken wants to be a part of sheep shearing day!

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  1. I would love to see this sometime! Occasionally, some group will have a sheep to shawl competition in my state, but it is usually too far away or I don’t hear about it until it is over. When I see pictures of fleece, I just want to sink my hands in it.


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