I am excited to have the opportunity to review The Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s Homespun Holidays: Fall and Winter digital PDF unit study.  We are a homeschool family of Makers so this was a good fit for us.

hhHave you ever thought you would like to incorporate some new family traditions into your holidays?   I sure have.  I have heard stories of families who have memorable traditions that their family looks forward to every year.  The Homespun Holidays: Fall and Winter unit study will give you some fun ideas to help you start some new family traditions during the holidays.

This e-book is put together by the staff at The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  They share some of their favorite memory making recipes, craft projects and activities that you can utilize with your family this holiday season.

I always love good book recommendations and you will find a treasury of books that are recommended for this fun time of year as well as activities you can incorporate into your homeschool that go along with the books.

My 18 year old daughter who cooks most of our meals and is thinking of becoming a chef enjoyed trying out several of the recipes.  One of our favorites, the Gingerbread Pancakes, is pictured above.  The pancakes had a flavor that is perfect for the season.  The ebook is filled with recipes for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The fall recipes included soup recipes to warm you on those cold days as well as desserts and yummy breakfast ideas.  The Christmas recipes include some family heirloom recipes that were fun for my daughter because she loves a challenge. She loves to make things from scratch.  The recipes also included easy, quick recipes that are fun for younger children to participate in as well as the mom that doesn’t have the time to make everything from scratch.

Some of the craft ideas were for younger children, but my kids are excited to use these ideas with their younger cousins during the holidays. What a fun way for the older kids to bond with their younger cousins this Christmas.  We loved the coaster making ideas using ceramic tiles. This will be fun to do with the younger children as well as the older.  Plus they will all have a keepsake of Christmas 2015 to treasure for years to come.

Christmas party ideas, travel games, beautiful poems, crafts to complete with your kids, books to remind us what the season is all about, new ways to decorate your Christmas tree abound in this delightful e-book.

The best part of the entire e-book is that the reason we celebrate is evident in all the stories and activities.  The activities in this e-book help us and our children remember who we are giving thanks to and that Jesus is the center of our Christmas celebration.  A Christmas tradition that one family does every year called the shepherds supper warmed my heart and made me think we could try something similar this year. There may be some new traditions waiting for you and your family in Homespun Holidays: Fall and Winter.

  I am reviewing this e-book for the Schoolhouse Review Crew.



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