News & Updates From Our Farm

Bunnies #223 and 224
Bear Creek Dragon #2
Bear Creek Bunny #220
From the Scottish Highlands . . .
Bear Creek Bunny #216
Snowman Giveaway
Bunny #215
January 2015
Learn to Needle Felt with Teresa Perleberg
Needle Felted Dragon
One of a Kind Show – Chicago 2014 highlights
Merry Christmas from Bear Creek
The Sheep of Bear Creek
Bear Creek Bunnies
One of a Kind Show – Chicago
Bert’s Blanket
26 Countries and 50 States
October Needle Felting
Baby Elephant
Giveaway – DIY Turkey Needle Felting Kit
Needle Felted Giraffe #3
Needle Felting Class- October 4th
Felting Projects- August/September 2014
Sheep Magazine
Needle Felting Inspiration
Pictures of my latest Creations
Bear Creek Bunnies and Snowmen of July
Needle Felted Bison
The Bear Creek Bunnies do Yoga
Moose Family
My first Clay Cow Sculpture
Needle Felting Class with Teresa Perleberg
Spring Needle Felting Projects
Needle Felting Class
Bear Creek Bunnies of May
Baby Tanzania
April Felting
Baby Madagascar
Lambs at Bear Creek
Baby Uganda
First Lamb of the Year
Bear Creek Bunny Embroidery
Bunny Yoga
Out Like a Lamb?
Laughing and Giggleing
Felting Studio
Needle Felting since my last posting
Needle Felting in February
Bear Creek Bunny #142
Think Spring!
Felted Donkey
Q & A – Do you do Custom Orders?
Finds for Fiber Fanatics
Bear Creek Bunny #139
4 New Snowmen
Q and A: What Felting Kit to Choose
Products I Love and Artists I Admire
A few Snowmen and Bunnies
Bear Creek Bunny Weather
A Few Projects Completed
Top Ten Sculptures of 2013
Jesse Having Fun in the Snow
Merry Christmas
Christmas Giveaway at Living Vintage
Snowman Crazy
In November – I make Snowmen!
North Dakota Handspinners Conference 2013
Snowman Paintings by Cheri Wollenberg
Elephant #3
So I don’t get MAULED by the sheep anymore . . . .
A few sculptures completed
Giraffe #2
New Sheep on the Ranch
My latest felting projects
Bunny Sisters
Bunny Family
2013 American Made Audience Choice Nominee
Needle Felting Class August 18, 2013
Preparing for Fall
Snowman of the Day
A work of wool
The Happy Snowcouple
Fiber Arts Festival
State Fair Champion
Needle Felting Classes
Adding to the herd . . .
Playing with Art
A Woolly Bison
It’s a Boy . . . Bear Creek Bunny
Snowmen in July
Needle Felting Class
There’s a Longhorn on the Ranch
Snowman #207
Bear Creek Bunny
A Smiley Bunny for You
Learn How to Needle Felt online
We raise Happy Sheep
Snowman #206
Best Bird photo of the day
The Birds of my Backyard
Bear Creek Bunny in a Maxi Dress
Zebra #2
Newest Bear Creek Bunny
If you thought the mom was cute . . . .
Polar Bear Sculpture
Shepherding through a Spring Blizzard
Spring Babies 2013
Meet “Girbius” and “Griffle”
Always Winter and Never Christmas
A Boy Bear Creek Bunny
My first Clydesdale
New Bunny just in time for Easter
New this Week
Newest Baby
First Lamb of 2013
A few projects to share . . .
Needle Felting a Donkey
Looking Cute!
Beautiful Socks!
2013 Bear Creek Bunny #10
#7 of the 2013 Bear Creek Bunnies
Bringing Wool to Life
Guaranteed to make you smile!
My Daughter’s Knitting
Top Ten Snowmen of 2012
Where the Yarn comes from
For your Water Buffalo Collection . . .
Top 10 of 2012
The Woolly Big Horn Sheep
Trying a New Medium
Needle Felted African Lion
You will never guess what I just made!
A Needle Felted Cheetah
Needle Felting a Zebra
When I’m not felting I am . . .
Needle Felting my first Giraffe
My Little Pachyderm
Sheperding at Bear Creek
Owl #1
Lamb Race
Last baby LAMB of 2012
Lambs at Play
Checking the Sheep
2012 Lambs
1st lamb of 2012
Getting ready for Babies
A New Sculpture at Bear Creek
The next step for our Sheep wool
And the Winner is . . . . .
An interview with yours truly . . .
Sheep Shearing Day 2012
Sheep photography
Win a spot in my online Needle Felting Class
Online Classes
Bunnies and Snowmen?
A peek into my Needle Felting Studio
Moose #3
Bovine cuteness
It takes a LONG TIME . . .
North American Felted Bison
Time to get back to work the Fair is over. . .
Ransom County Fair
Summertime Bunny
A New Felting Kit!
Cute Bunny!
Sheep Felting kit Winner
Needle Felted Moose
Enter for a chance to win the sheep needle felting kit
Mosquito Bunny
“Hula Bunny”
Having fun with the Bunnies!
Article In North Dakota Living
Happy, smiling, laughing Bunny
“Happy it stopped raining Bunny”
Pink Bunny
“Bunny Sisters”
Kitty Kitty
An Evening with the Sheep
Bear Creek Felting is featured in Spool Magazine
Baby Lambs, 2011
Lambs arrive at the Bear Creek Ranch
Needle Felting Class, March 12, 2011
Felting Class
4-H calves
Fencing in the Romney’s
2010 lambs
Bottle Calf
Bottle Kid
Triplets at Bear Creek
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