Online Needle Felting Class

This class is designed for beginners- no previous felting or sewing experience is necessary.  Students will discuss different felting methods, sample many different types of wool and learn about the process the wool goes through from sheep to felted sculpture. You will be walked through the basics of felting and creating soft sculptures in wool, finishing class with a small of flock of  3 wool sheep. Your kits will contain everything that you need to complete the three sculptures, including wool straight from My sheep.

Included in the Beginner kit:

  • 3 pairs of glass eyes
  • Romney Wool
  • Wensleydale wool
  • Cotswold wool
  • Merino wool
  • Lincoln wool
  • Pollworth wool
  • Wire
  • Felting cushion
  • 2 Felting needles
  • You will also need a  scissor with a sharp end, a wire cutter and needle and thread.

Beginner Class Fee: $40      

Kit: $60  

Total: $100.00     

Frequently asked Questions:

*I can't seem to find information on how your online classes are delivered.    Is it a PDF,a series of videos, etc?Do you have examples of other students completed projects?      Thanks!

The online classes are set up in a website classroom.  When you register you will be given the URL to the Classroom plus the password.  The Classroom and all the lessons are at your disposal to finish when you have time.  Lessons offer downloadable PDF instructions with pictures plus videos that you can watch over and over if needed.  There are also pictures all over the classroom to inspire you.   You also can ask me questions if you have any difficulties.  Several people have completed the projects and even moved on to the next class.  I have asked for pictures of their finished projects but have not received any.  Thanks for asking and let me know if you have any more questions!                  Teresa


*I had a question about your class for beginners-sheep. I wondered if we needed to get the kit or find the 6
kinds of wool?  Do we download the class to watch at any time or is it a live
class? Just wonderin'as I don't see how classes are set up.

Thank you for asking.   You have a choice of ordering the kit that has everything you need for the class or you can skip the kit and use wool you may have on hand or find your own.  You don't necessarily need 6 different kinds of wool for the class.  The different kinds of wool are included to help the beginner felter learn about different types of wool and how they felt.  When you register for the class you will receive an URL for the classroom and a password.  The classroom is set up for you to view at any time.  There are downloadable instructions, pictures and videos to watch.  You complete the class when you have time working at your own pace.  You can ask me questions in the classroom as well.  I hope this answers all your questions, if not, please don't hesitate to ask.
Teresa Perleberg