It was a beautiful day for checking the sheep today.  We only have 4 ewes left to lamb and it is so much fun to go out and see how they are doing.

This is Rebecca, she is one of the 4 left to lamb.  Poor thing, she looks uncomfortable.

She was acting a little suspicious with her ears back, I thought it might be time.  Not yet though, probably in the middle of the night tonight.

This is Argon, he is quite the cutey.

Mercury our bottle lamb is following me around while I check the sheep.

Our Bottle calf named Sprout is in with the sheep.  This makes it more convenient for feeding, but he does get a big annoying sometimes.  He just follows me around with his tongue out, begging for his bottle.

One of our newest lambs, born 2 days ago and just let out of the jug and over to the pasture today.  Her name is Helium.

Mercury ventured away from me to play with the other lambs.

Every time I turn around there he is.  At least he doesn’t try to slobber all over me looking for milk anymore, I let him know I’m not his mommy or bottle feeder.

This is Silver, she is one of the cutest lambs I think.  So tiny.

Mercury again, she’s cute too.

This is Gold.

Play time for Neon and Argon.

AGAIN.  He really isn’t that hungry.

Mercury leaping.

Copper is one of a kind!

I like how Magnesium’s ears hang down like a puppy.

This is Marion, she is an excellent mom. Silver and Gold enjoy a meal.

This is Arsenic.

This is Twizzler one of last years babies.

Now sprout is determined to get my attention.  Should I be scared?!

He is a little bit cute.

And now he is terrorizing the sheep.

An interesting trip out to check the sheep today!





sheep at bear creek

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