A Few of my Recent Fiber Finds

I have found several things that have caught my eye recently when browsing social media.  I would like to share some of my finds with you.

Instagram has become one of my new favorite hangouts.  I have found many like minded farm, fiber, sheep loving people there.  If you haven’t found Instagram yet give it try.  Check out my sheep, knitting and felted sculpture pictures @prairieshepherd on Instagram.

The first fiber find I would like to share with you is a Podcast called Woolful.  I can’t even remember how I came across this wonderful podcast but I am glad I did.


The podcast takes a close look at the fibers we use and wear against our skin and how the production of these fibers impact the industry and environment. It’s about educating yourself about the things you put on your body just as you would the things you put in your body, and about how these production processes affect our environment. Making a conscious decision, whatever that may be. Woolful helps to provide resources that encourage more sustainable practices and bring light to some of these amazing fiber producers via the podcast.

Libbie and I have enjoyed listening to this podcast while we felt and knit.  It has been fun to learn that there are others just like us out there in a huge fiber community.

The Second Fiber Find is some beautiful yarn I came across on Instagram by Timber and Twine Co.  Their beautiful wool yarn is dyed from natural herbs and vegetables in India using traditional methods. Timber and Twine’s Harvest range of wool has beautiful subtle colors produced through the use of natural herb and vegetable dyes and age old techniques.  Beautiful color combinations of their wool keeps popping up in my instagram feed, tempting me.  I will have to get some for Libbie for an upcoming gift, so that she can make something beautiful.

Tolt Yarn and Wool has been showing up in my instagram feed as well, tempting me with many knitting accessories, yarn etc. I love their Farm to Needle Bag and so many other fun things that are in their shop.   I have a lot of gift ideas for myself and Libbie for this year.  FullSizeRender-70_large

 Last but not least is Fringe Supply Company.  I love the Fiber Pyramid and other fiber related gifts, magazines and accessories that Fringe Supply has in their shop.  

needle felted moose wip

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