I found some wonderful products this week on etsy.

I love this Yarn Bowl by Bridges Pottery on Etsy.

This is a Jpeg image by Starr Mountain Primitives on Etsy.  These are great for Printing on fabric to make Pillows, Doll Aprons, or Bears, Fabric or paper labels for decopauging to crates, cans, crocks, jars, cheese boxes etc, use them to make a Framed Print. LOTS of possibilities!

This is an antique chocolate mold of a sheep found at Garden Barn on Etsy.

A sheep who loves spinning so much she spins her own wool. This is a great card for the lover of fiber arts or sheep.  I found this adorable card at KittensPlural on Etsy. 

A happy sheep rubber stamp found at GoldenAcornStamps.

A sterling silver spinning wheel charm!  I can see this hanging on one of Libbie’s handspun/handknit purses!  I found this at JewelBeCharmed on Etsy.

needle felted moose wip

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