I ordered my first Spinning Box and it arrived in the mail today.  I heard about the Spinning Box a few months ago from a friend of mine.  She was spinning some of the fiber she received at our last get together and it peaked my interest.

The Spinning Box is a fiber of the month club designed to introduce you to fiber farmers and small business.  You can  choose to sign up for a subscription and receive a box every month or you can purchase just one box at a time.  Each month is a new theme and the box is filled with fiber from a variety of fiber shops around the US.  You will want to check out the Spinning Box website for more information.

I love the idea of supporting our small fiber shops and getting to try all of their products.  I have found that the fiber you purchase from these fiber farms is of superior quality compared to fiber purchased in craft stores.  What could be better than purchasing directly from the source.  The box includes several different fiber combinations as well as a few surprises as well.  The best part, if you really like some of the fiber in your box you have the information right there to purchase more from that shop.

As needle felter as well as a spinner I was interested in finding out if the fiber in the box would be suitable for felting as well.  You will be happy to know that most of the fiber included in this box was suitable for felting.  Now I have so many options for this fiber, I’m excited to get started.

I recorded my unboxing of the Spinning Box so that you could see all of the fiber fun I found inside.  Click on the video below to see my unboxing.