My Bear Creek Bunnies are gearing up for fall weather with a little help from my daughter Libbie.  She has been knitting some adorable sweaters for the bunnies from hand-spun yarn.  I am finishing up a little baby dragon today and she is insisting I try a sweater or vest on him!  🙂

We enjoyed our local County Fair this last week.  The kids brought steers, sheep and many static exhibits as well.  Libbie received 2 grand champions in the knitting category as well as others in baking and painting.  Tucker received grand on his sour dough bread.  Lane received grand champion showing our Wensleydale ram, Scooby.  I brought my giraffe to the fair and received Grand on that as well.  🙂

School has started and we are done with our first week.  I have been building up the snowman inventory as well as assembling kits on the side.

needle felted moose wip

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