Chicago 2015

I have been preparing for the One of a Kind show in Chicago for months, but still needed to felt on the way.  I purchased a funny little minion tray at Walmart and felted all the way to Chicago while my husband drove.  I had made a giraffe that looked quite adorable with the rest of my felted Flerd.  I sold the giraffe on Etsy 2 days before I was to leave for Chicago.  This was wonderful, but the giraffe is a great attention getter at shows so I set out to make another the day before we left, on the way and in the hotel room when we arrived.  He looked adorable on the shelf with the rest of the flerd at the show.  So good in fact, he sold on the second day.  smile.pngThis was our 2nd year at the One of a Kind show, so it was a little more relaxing.  We enjoyed some time exploring Chicago and the Shedd Aquarium the day before the show started.  Last year my booth was in the Etsy Pavillion, so this was our first time in a full size booth.  I was happy with how it turned out, but have planned some changes for next years show.   I was excited to have customers return from last year and purchase more kits and sculptures.  Meeting friends I had made over the internet through my business was a major highlight.  I was able to meet in person those that have praised, purchased and promoted my work online.  Those that follow and comment on social media enough so that I feel I know them well.  When someone loves my work that much I know we havea lot in common!

The adorable girls pictured (Ava and Kailey) purchased kits from me during the show.  They came back  the next day to show me their finished projects.  They were so pleased with their work and had such ChicagoChicagoone of a kind showa fun time needle felting.  They purchased more kits to feed their new crafting bug!  They should be an inspiration to the many adults I talked to that didn’t think they were capable of completing one of my kits!

One of my favorite items at the show both years are these adorable footstools by Reiner’s.

Thank you for making my 2nd year at the One of a Kind show a success!  I will be back next year with more products, at least one new felting kit and by popular demand; canvas photographs of my sheep to sell.  See you next year.

needle felted moose wip

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