I packaged up a kit this morning for my online needle felting class and sent it in the mail.    My online classes have become a great success.  I encourage anyone that hasn’t registered for one yet to do so.  The classes are set up online in a web classroom.  Shortly after you register you will receive a welcome email that gives you the URL and password for the online classroom.  If you chose to receive a kit it will be sent within days of registration.  You can check out the classroom right away when you recieve the url and password.  There are many learning opportunities to take advantage of even before your kit arrives.  You have access to the classroom for as long as you need to complete the project so there is no need to rush, just take your time and enjoy.

needle felting kit

The sheep kit is shown above and includes everything needed to complete your project for the class.  The exciting thing about the sheep online class is first of all you get to make three sheep.  Second, you get to try out many different varieties of wool.  This is very helpful for beginning felting.  The different breeds of wool all felt differently making it hard to choose wool when just getting started.  This class gives you the opportunity to try many different popular types of wool.  When you start your next project you will know what type of wool you enjoyed working with the most.  The wool in the kit is labeled so you will know exactly what wool to use and when.  I have also included links to my favorite shops, so you will know where to find the materials that you will need in the future.

online felting class

The online classroom includes printable downloads of instructions plus videos of every step.  You can ask me questions plus learn from the questions others have asked in the past.  There is information on needle felting and how it works plus bunches of information on my sheep and how they provide the wool I use for my projects.  The classroom is very easy to use and you can always ask if you have any questions.

sheepKitneedle felting online class  The class starts out with the very basics of needle felting.  The first projects you will work on are the sheep shown on the left.  They will be felted using the different wools that I mentioned above.  Once you have an understanding and have the experience of felting the two adorable sheep pictured here you will move on to the last project in the class and that is the sheep with legs.  You will be using different wool for this sheep, using the same techniques used in making the first two plus adding a little more difficulty.   You will be proud to say you made your own little flock of wool sheep and had lots of fun along the way.  You will then be ready to move on to my advanced Kits or to branch out on your own.

You can find more information and how to register for a class HERE.


online DO IT YOURSELF needle felting class

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