A few pictures of my 2015 fall needle felting projects.

I have been felting every day this fall, and continue to do so, a few bigger projects along with plenty of snowmen and Bear Creek Bunnies.  I like to make cute little baby dragon’s every once in awhile as well.

I make a few pumpkins and a turkey every fall and was excited to have Etsy feature my pumpkins on their facebook page as their feature photo.  smile.png

My Etsy shop is now full of snowmen and even a few Bear Creek Bunnies.  The needle felted art section is currently well stocked as well.  This is a perfect time to avoid the rush, and get them before they are gone.   I usually sell out of everything by Christmas except the Needle felting kits, they are always in stock.

I am currently working on a bigger project that you can follow along with on my Facebook page.   I share pictures of the “work in progress”.  I also share WIP pictures on my Instagram.

If you are hoping to see me make something before Christmas, please let me know what you are hoping for.  I can’t guarantee I will make it, but it doesn’t hurt to give me ideas!  There are often animals or things I haven’t even thought of felting and become inspired by your request.   If you are looking for certain colors for the snowmen scarves and hats or bunny dresses I try to oblige you as well.

needle felted moose wip

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