Nome on the Range: Where the BISON RoamThat’s right…no buffalo roam in the American West. They’re actually bison, which are more closely related to cows!

Struggling to tell them apart? Well, if it’s in North America or Europe, it’s a bison. If it’s in Africa or South Asia, it’s a buffalo. Bison also have a distinctive shaggy appearance, with stylish beards, a humped back, and small, curved horns. By comparison, buffalo are a bit sleeker, with no hump and massive horns (we’re talking 6 feet across for some species!)

However, bison are fascinating creatures. Hunted nearly to extinction during the frontier days, these gentle, remarkable animals are quite similar to their prehistoric ancestors. They have been a fixture of our prairies for thousands of years, making up a class of wildlife called megafauna. We can even see them depicted in indigenous art. Native Americans considered the white bison to be a magical animal, and it’s hard to disagree!



Here are some fun facts I learned about American bison

  •         Both males and females have horns, unlike cows and many other hoofed mammals.
  •         Females are pregnant for 9 months, just like humans.
  •         The entire herd will band together to protect the young.
  •         Bison can run up to 40 miles per hour!

Where the BISON RoamIn tribute to America’s beautiful wilderness and historic traditions, I’ve decided to create a miniature version of these megafauna — as I tend to do! I’m excited to launch a bison felting course, one of several new courses for 2022!

This is a more advanced course as it will take multiple types of wool and some wire work to create this exquisite creature. If you’re newer to needle felting, I recommend you complete one of my beginner or intermediate kits first. (Psst — my newest advanced-beginner kit is the beautiful blue whale!)

All Felting Academy members will receive discounted or free access, as usual. (I firmly believe in making needle felting as affordable as possible.) You can also buy this course as an add-on to your next purchase. Either way, I’m eager to see your majestic palm-size bison roaming across your worktable (or wherever you’d like).

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