These past few months have been super busy with farm work, needle felting, and, most bustling of all, renovating the Nome Schoolhouse. We’ve come a far way, and we’ve had a great team to work with. I’m so grateful to everyone who joined hands and hearts with us, to breathe life back into the 100-year-old Nome Schoolhouse. We are well on our way to opening day in July, and I can’t wait. Can you tell that I’m excited? Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll be able to enjoy at the Nome Schoolhouse.


All our visitors will be able to take a tour of our fiber mill on site to see the entire process in which we transform the raw wool to roving, yarn, and so on, in real time. You can choose to spend an entire day with Chris and learn the ins and outs of what we do here. For a full experience, you can stay for a few days in our guest rooms to get a greater understanding of the entire process. If you’re a farm person, don’t worry. You’ll see some of our sheep and alpacas right behind the school. But, you’ll be able to tour my farm offsite all-year round. And, if you visit around springtime, you’d be able to see our cute little lambs. And yes, you can take pictures to capture your experience at our farm and at the fiber mill. Just be sure to tag us in your posts on Facebook or Instagram @bearcreekfelting too, so we can share your awesome moments with you!


Now, if you want to learn anything about needle felting, I’m your gal. You can come and spend a day or two with me and make a few needle felted sculptures. I have a wide range of needle felting kits for making cute fur babies and so much more. If it’s something that you’ve never tried, you can guarantee that you would leave learning a lot about this awesome craft. Most of what I know is self-taught since there was not much material out there about needle felting when I got started. So, you’ll learn my inside tips and secrets directly. It’ll be a fully hands-on experience, and you’ll be happy to see the final results – your very own needle felted masterpiece. It’s something that people of all ages can enjoy, except babies of course. But, kids absolutely love joining on the fun in making needle felted creations. So, feel free to take your entire family. 

The property will have a camp site, where you will be able to come camp out with your family or best buds. Our camping facilities are perfect for enjoying the great outdoors. Come prepared to pitch a tent and be one with nature. We also have electrical hookups. So, you can enjoy a fulfilling camping experience. 


One of the highlights of the Nome Schoolhouse is our Events Center, which you’ll have to book in advance. This huge gym-like space is dedicated to hosting all types of gatherings. So far, we’ve had some very special events in our events center, and we’re already seeing quite a few pre-bookings. You’ll be able to host your graduation ceremonies or parties, retreats, classes, reunions, weddings, birthday parties, and just about anything, once the space is available.


Whether you’re on day trips or overnight stays, you’ll be sure to have a good time at the renovated Nome Schoolhouse. We’re always ready to welcome anyone. We’ll take care of you. Come see a new touch to an old relic, with special pieces from way back when on display. You’ll also see some of my very special needle felted sculptures all around the school. 

Now, of course, you absolutely need to stop by our gift shop before your leave. You’ll be able to grab needle felting kits and supplies, yarn, branded souvenirs, and more. We look forward to sharing a part of us with you. 

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I’m Teresa Perleberg

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My mission? To help others learn to needle felt the easy way.

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