School's In for Summer: Enjoying the Season at Nome SchoolhouseMost schoolhouses are closed for summer, but not ours! In fact, Nome Schoolhouse is a lovely destination during North Dakota’s pleasant summer. I feel so grateful to be able to enjoy the weather and work on my projects.

It’s a calm, creative atmosphere. As our sheep graze the pasture, I needle-felt animals in the tranquility of my office. I call it my office, but it’s really my workshop. I choose the schoolhouse’s cutest room with the best view. I draw so much inspiration from the gorgeous scenery, fascinating birds, and of course, our cute barnyard friends!

Here’s how a typical summer day at Nome Schoolhouse goes. After going through emails, organizing classes and checking on upcoming events, I have a wonderful lunch with my daughter Libbie. She’s our in-house executive chef, so lunch is always delicious! We love to test out new ideas for meals and side dishes. Recently, we tried out some parmesan fries and a toasted chicken sandwich with honey sauce — yum!

After lunch, I head down to the Fiber Mill and help Mary with anything she needs help with; packaging orders and assembling kits for the Needle Felting Academy and our shop. It’s so much fun to gather fresh roving for the sampler packs or pick the perfect wool to make a whale, sheep, teddy bear — whatever’s in demand!

I also pitch in around the mill and schoolhouse whenever possible. We’ve been so busy this year that our staff often need a helping hand. We have a lot of tours come through. I never pass up a chance to show off our beautiful schoolhouse!

Then, I check on the store, order new supplies, and update the inventory for the Bear Creek Felting online shop. Once all the business tasks are done, it’s time to get back outdoors. I spend the late afternoons caring for the garden and our flock, enjoying the fresh air and the lambs’ adorable antics!

Finally, I meet with my business partner, Chris Armbrust, to chat about all things felting and business. My day is officially over, but I often unwind with my summer craft projects. My new favorite way to display the final creations is in a miniature wagon.

That’s usually how my summer days go, but sometimes, we’re lucky enough to have a felting retreat, corporate event, or even a wedding! (Sometimes even with needle-felted bridal decorations!)

Want to enjoy your own relaxing and inspiring summer day at Nome Schoolhouse? Book yourself a room here and come join us! We’d love to introduce you to our fresh-air fiber arts destination.

Families are welcome, too, in case the kiddos are bouncing off the walls in boredom. I guarantee you they’ll have plenty to do here.

I’ll be sad when the season ends, even though it means happy holidays are just around the corner. There’s nothing quite like summer at the Nome Schoolhouse.

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