​While the world battles COVID-19, many of us live in areas where schools are closed, trips are canceled, and we are discouraged from going out much at all. It’s an unsettling time, to say the least, and so much uncertainty is fueling fears most of us have never faced.

But there is an upside. You now have a socially-accepted excuse to stay home and work on your needle felting projects!

Without errands to run, kids to shuttle, or events to attend, you are finally able to devote the time you’ve been craving to finish your project, start something new, or just get organized. Take advantage of this time, and enjoy it!

Jump In

If you’ve always been curious but haven’t picked up the needles, now is the time to get started. With so many resources on this blog and our EweTube channel, you’re officially out of excuses to learn the beautiful craft of needle felting!

One of my missions has always been to make needle felting accessible with lots of support for people just beginning their journey as well for those more advanced. In truth, I created the resources I wish were available when I got started, including learning the lingo, so I knew what everyone was talking about! 

I also created complete kits, so you have everything you need to needle felt your first – or tenth – needle felted animal.

Inspire Your Kids

If you have kids stuck at home, this might be the perfect time to introduce them to a new hobby. As soon as they are old enough to pick up a felting needle, they can create charming animals. Involve them in choosing their kit, let them surf the EweTube channel, and soon they will be off and running!

You may not know that my young daughter inspired Bear Creek! She and I were introduced to needle felting together, and she took to it immediately. From that first visit, I knew how I wanted to follow my passion for fiber arts, and the rest is history.


If you’ve always wanted to push yourself and learn new skills but never had the time, now you do! Our Bear Creek Needle Felting Academy provides lessons designed to expand your capabilities while connecting you to a group of supportive needle felters.

You’ll get personal instruction from me, access to lessons not otherwise available, and be inspired to create a daily habit of creating beautiful creations from needle and wool. Best of all, it’s all online!

Or you may just want to try your hand at a more advanced kit, learn how to layer colors, or create new shapes. Whatever your goals, I can help you!

Get Ready For Spring

When I think of Spring, I think of two things: spring cleaning and soft colors. Use this time to organize your growing collection of wool bits and supplies, so they are easily accessible when you start a new project. Throw out dull needles and finally get the good ones put away in their case (you’ll thank me later!).

With your supplies organized, it’s time to reward yourself – ha! Grab these spring colors and start brainstorming all the beautiful projects you can creates with these gorgeous hues. Best of all, online shopping means never having to leave home!

Speaking of online shopping, you may want to get a friend hooked who is looking for ways to keep busy or has always wanted to join you in this beautiful “addiction.” Send her everything she needs to get started then plan a call to share progress, laughs, and stories – what a great way to bond!

News! I am still planning to travel this May! Come see me in Minnesota. Keep an eye on my calendar for details.

Learn to Needle Felt the Easy Way!

Teresa Perleberg, Bear Creek Felting

I’m Teresa Perleberg

a needle felting sculpture artist, raising a flock of sheep and teaching others how to needle felt as well as sharing my farm experiences.

~Sheep, wool, farm-life, spinning, dyeing, knitting is what I love.

My mission? To help others learn to needle felt the easy way.

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Let me show you how you can easily create beautiful sculptures

by using the correct supplies and techniques

I have helped over 10,000 learn how to needle felt through my needle felting kits and even more who have received personal instruction from me through my Online Needle Felting Academy.

Now it’s your turn! I would love to help you get started today!

Join the Bear Creek Needle Felting Academy today!

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