The outbreak of COVID-19 and the resulting stay-at-home directives are adding fear and anxiety to ourselves and our families like never before. For me, it’s all the unknowns – is my family at risk? How long will these changes go on? Will small businesses be able to recover? I can honestly say I’ve never experienced anything like it before and hope not to ever again!

With a bit of Googling and I see many mental health professionals weighing in on the real impact of this moment, acknowledging that in addition to fear and stress, people are also experiencing grief over missed events while longing for an end date as something to look forward to.

Yet in my Googling, I had to chuckle at two particular recommendations that kept surfacing to reduce stress and improve focus: learn some new and work on a craft. While many of us already knew that, I realize we may have been putting out needle felting projects on the back burner in favor of homeschooling, planning activities for the family, or continuously watch the news. 

Make Time For Your Mental Health

Long before scientists studied its effects formally, we crafters knew of the stress-relieving properties of our hobbies – that feeling when time disappeared, and we lost ourselves in creating. 

Today, researchers call that feeling “the zone,” and agree that letting the rest of your life fade to the background while immersed in a hobby has similar benefits to meditation. Crafting even has been shown to settle the nervous system. I think we could all agree that we need a little more of those vibes in our lives right now, yes?

When it comes to learning something new, it’s no surprise I will advocate for needle felting! No matter where you are in your journey, there is always more to learn and plenty of knowledge to share with the next group of needle felters. There are excellent resources online, as well as communities, to support you along the way.

Learning something new is also good for our brains. When we push ourselves to learn new things, we gain confidence and can increase our levels of dopamine – the chemical in our minds that makes us feel good. I don’t know about you, but I could use a shot of that!

dragon green woolJust in case you want to share your needle felting hobby with your family, be sure to add it to the family schedule! Kids pick up the craft very quickly, especially when they are allowed to choose their kit. A few minutes with EweTube, and they’ll be on their way. Of course, if you’d rather keep it to yourself for your own getaway time. I get it!

Another recommendation that surfaced was the need to create – and stick to – a routine for yourself and your family. Even if we had a solid habit around needle felting, we might have let events throw us off for a bit. No worries, be sure to create some time for yourself to recharge, pour a cup of tea, and lose yourself in your latest project.

Online Open 24/7

Happily, the Internet never sleeps, so while the rest of us may be curtailing activities, the online world is in high demand. From online learning to shopping, everything you need to spark your creativity is at your fingertips. We are still shipping out complete kits and supplies for you to have what you need.

I’ve even fulfilled many orders as gifts as generous people are sending kits to friends and family and scheduling Zoom “meetings” where they work on their projects while connecting, laughing, and sharing. Technology is thankfully working in our favor enabling people who can’t be in the same room to maintain a sense of community and belonging.

And if you do know someone who is sick, whether related to this pandemic or not, be sure to check in on them and see if they could use a new project. Needle felting doesn’t take up much space and is perfect to pass the time while healing.

Ready to take your needle felting to the next level? The Bear Creek Needle Felting Academy is the best way to do just that! We are going strong, taking advantage of a little extra indoor time to level-up our skills and connect with our needle felting community – join us!!

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