Beginner Horse Course

If you have never felted before you will want to start with Needle Felting 101.  Please watch the Needle Felting 101 Course first.

You will need to make a pre-felted ball for this project. Learn how to make pre-felted balls here.

Purchase the materials for the Horse course hereYou are not required to purchase this kit to take this course.  You are more than welcome to use materials you have on hand or to source your own materials.


Supplies needed for this course:

  • Pre-felted ball, approximately 3 X 2.5 inches
  • 1 ounce of wool in the colors you would like to make your Horse
  • small amount of black wool
  • 4mm glass eyes
  • bits of yarn for the mane and tail
  • size 36 felting needle
  • Needle Felting Cushion or pillow
  • Scissors

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