Fiber Sampler Course

This course will be a little different than the other courses in the academy it is intended for you to experience different types of fiber and how they will add depth, dimension and variety to your felted pieces. There are no videos for this course, but you will find pictures to inspire your creations in the downloadable instructions. This is a great way to experience working with all different types of fiber without spending a lot of money and time looking for them. You will discover which fibers you like working with and which ones you do not. From this experience working with these different types of fiber you will know what to look for when you desire to add different textures to your future projects.

Before you begin creating, you may want to find pictures of things that inspire you. It may be landscapes you see as you drive around your community, it could be a poem, it could be a picture of your kids – whatever sparks creativity in you will work just fine. Sometimes it’s these inspiration pieces that give us the vision to create something wonderful!

You can purchase the kit with all the different types of fiber here. 

What is included in the kit:

  • 2 felt squares (one alpaca and one sheep wool)
  • 21 varieties of fiber

One of the easiest examples is just making squares with the different fibers. You will end up with an interesting textural piece that will be pretty enough to frame.

This is a fun and easy project for kids.

*The most important thing to remember when working on this project is to continually lift it off of your felting cushion or pillow so that it does not get stuck to it.



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