Scottish Highlander Course

Watch the work in progress video below and then click on lesson number one to begin this course.

Welcome to the Scottish Highlander Course!

Materials needed for the Scottish Highlander course:

  • 14 gauge wire
  • Prefelted Balls
  • 4mm glass eyes with wire loops
  • .5 ounces white wool or whatever color you have on hand and want to get rid of
  • 5 ounces tan/brown wool
  • .5 ounce tan/brown Suri Alpaca
  • Small amount light gray wool
  • Dish soap
  • needle and thread
  • size 36 felting needle
  • Felting Cushion or Pillow
    • The Mini Felting Pillow is introduced in this course as an excellent tool in felting legs. It is not required to complete this course but very helpful.