We have been raising registered Romney sheep since 2006.  We love our Romney sheep.  We have a small flock of 30 Romney’s and I use their wool in my art and kits.  Their wool is barely getting me through the year, so it was time to look for some more sheep.  I found Blue Faced Leicesters to be the perfect 2nd flock for us and on Sunday we went to pick up our small starter flock of 3 BFL sheep.

This is my flock of Romney sheep, they like to run to greet me.  I might have a treat for them!

Which 2 of these are not like the others?

A couple strange sheep in the flock!

The new sheep on the block.

Here they are the 2 new BFL ewes.  (they don’t have names yet)

 She came from the Big woods of Wisconsin.  Should we call her, Laura?

Romney’s have a little more wool on their face!!  🙂

 She is pretty shy, what should we name her?

Here they are again.  Love their ears!

She looks a bit like “Ma” from Babe.

Lovely wool!  Can’t wait until shearing time.

This is our new BFL ram.  He is extremely friendly.

Waiting for a little treat with his new Romney friend.

A little treat of corn.

Posing for a picture with Tucker.

More yummy corn.  He thinks he might like it here in ND.

needle felted moose wip

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Registered Romney Ram

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