Art Lessons for Children ArtAchieve Review

I have incorporated art into our homeschool in many ways over the years.  My kids have been exposed to needle felting, sewing, embroidery, pottery, sculpting with clay, knitting, leather crafts and painting just to name a few plus just about every craft I can come up with in between.  Even after all of my efforts at building their confidence in their capabilities, my boys still do not feel like they have any drawing skills.  I was excited to be given a chance to review the Entire Level II bundle from ArtAchieve.  It looked like it may be able to build their confidence and be easy to teach with minimal expense.  


ArtAchieve is an online subscription art program with the idea that everyone can and should learn to draw.  The lessons are easy enough to build confidence, but leave room for individual creativity as well.   Based on art from around the world each lesson incorporates geography, history and literature.  We are reviewing the entire level ll bundle with a 1 year subscription.   The one year subscription for level ll is $53 and includes 14 lessons.  It takes about 55 minutes to complete a lesson.

Each lesson includes:

  • A supply list
  • Suggestions for Cross-Curricular Connections
  • A powerpoint version or video version of the lesson
  • A warm up

Our Thoughts

I have never enjoyed hearing my boys say that they can’t draw, so I was looking forward to finding out if ArtAchieve could change their minds.

We chose to use the powerpoint version of the lessons which allowed us to move on when we were all ready.  My 13 year old son, 18 year old daughter and myself completed the lessons together.  My kids are past the stage where they want to use markers for every project, so the fact that we were going to use markers didn’t excite them, in fact I think they were disappointed that we weren’t going to use new exciting materials.  As it turned out they enjoyed using the markers and I was happy because we already had them on hand.  We had all the materials on hand, so that made it easy for me.  We mostly used markers and acrylic paint.

I liked the suggestions given on further study, we didn’t have time to use them all for this review period.  Each lesson has clickable links to things like history, science, music, cooking and more in the regions we were learning about.   I can see how they could be useful in future studies or to use with what we are already studying.

The actual drawing lessons were easy to follow, if we were drawing a fish all of our drawings looked like fish.  The best part is they didn’t all look the same.  It was fun to compare our drawings and point out what we liked and sometimes at what we could have done differently. Once the basic shape was drawn we made each of our drawings even more unique by adding our own details.  Some of us spent a lot of time others not very much, but we were all proud of what we had accomplished.

If you have a child that doesn’t think they have talent for drawing, they will build confidence with ArtAchieve because they will be able to draw something they will be proud of for every lesson.

Art Lessons for Children ArtAchieve Review

Art Lessons for Children ArtAchieve Review

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