Commissioned {Chara Games}

Do you love board games?  This is the time of year when it gets dark earlier and the evenings seem extra long! We’ve been playing Commissioned from Chara Games to provide fun interaction and entertainment on these long evenings.

Patrick & Katherine Lysaght founded Chara Games LLC in 2014 to design and publish fun tabletop games with Christian themes.   The word Chara is the Biblical Greek word for unshakeable joy.  Patrick and Katherine want to help you, your family, and your friends find joy through the relationships built around the games they publish.

Below you will find some background on the company Chara Games, information on the game Commissioned, ending with our thoughts after playing the game.

Chara Games

The Chara Games company mission is to build games that create joy by developing the relationships with God and people, believing that true joy rests on our relationship with God and with the people He places around us. They believe games provide a fun, interactive way to build these relationships with all different kinds of people.  When Patrick & Katherine started Chara Games in 2014, they had two goals:

  1. Make high-quality games for youth, teens, and adults to introduce Christian concepts to others in a non-threatening way.
  2.  provide fun games that help Christians explore their history and deepen their faith.

Commissioned is their first game.  I have included some information on their newest game 3 Seeds below as well.

Commissioned {Chara Games}


Commissioned is a game for 2-6 players ages 14 and up.  It is a cooperative game, meaning you are working together instead of against each other to win the game.  The games theme is on the history of the early Christian church.   After learning how to play and setting up the game it usually takes about an hour to play.  The players each assume the role of apostles, and use their very own skills to help the team grow the church, collect the New Testament, and overcome the trials.  Chara games has provided a 25 minute instructional video on their website to help you learn the game quickly.

The game includes a theme appendix which explains the historical concepts experienced throughout the game.  This appendix allows you to dig deeper into the educational aspects of Commissioned.

Commissioned is played in rounds. Players draw Faith Cards (ARM), face trials (LIVE), and expand their Faith decks (MATURE). Players take turns as the group’s elder, and must make decisions affecting the team. Together, they must achieve the scenario victory conditions before the Trial Deck runs out without losing 5 churches.  The game also provides 5 different scenarios which can make the game different everytime you play.

Commissioned {Chara Games}

Our Thoughts

I am impressed with the superior quality and construction of Commissioned as well as the beautiful artwork.  Everything including the box is heavy duty and durable.

My husband and I were the first to sit down and play the game.  We first watched the video provided by Chara Games and then set up the game board.  It seemed quite complicated at first.  The movie was very helpful in explaining things but we still had to continually stop and check the directions to make sure we were doing things correctly.  Commissioned reminds me of the Settlers of Catan in that it has different phases and the game is always changing. Working together to win was a new concept for us and took us awhile to adjust to.  After playing an entire game through to the end we felt we had a good understanding of how things work.

After learning how to play the game ourselves we introduced it to the boys.  It went much more smoothly this time only having to reference the instructions a few times.   We learned to work together and stradagize how to win which was fun and different from other games we play.

We enjoyed learning about this time in history, about the trials and setbacks the apostles endured as well as the geography aspect of the game.  We appreciated the scripture references in the Theme Appendix as well.   Many discussions popped up on the different trials, Apostles and the area that were very interesesting and valuable.

We are looking forward to playing through all the different scenerios in Commissioned and introducing it to other kids at youth group and homeschool get togethers.

3 Seeds

The Newest game from Chara Games is 3 Seeds.  We didn’t receive this game for review but you will want to check it out as it looks like it could be a lot of fun.

3 Seeds is a 30-45 minute, 2-5 Player, Light Strategic Card Game. Players use seed cards (Time, Money, & Labor) to complete crops, employ special event cards to gain bonuses, and uncover hidden harvest cards to maximize their points.


To read more reviews on Commissioned and 3 Seeds from the rest of the review crew click on the banner below.

Commissioned {Chara Games}

Commissioned {Chara Games}

Commissioned {Chara Games}

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