CTCMath Review

  After homeschooling for 12 years and trying as many homeschool math curriculums, apps and games as I could afford I was pretty excited to have the opportunity to use Homeschool Membership from CTCMath.  With the Homeschool Membership I can use the program with up to 10 kids for a year, which is awesome!  I can imagine what a blessing that would be if I were homeschooling 10.  I have 2 left to homeschool and very grateful to be able to use this program with both of them.  First I will tell you a little bit about how CTCMath works and then I will share our thoughts on how we used the program and how we liked it.

What is CTCMath?

CTCMath is an online math program for k-12 grades.  In this program students are able to choose the class level they are at and do all the lessons for that level or skip around to work on the areas they specifically need more help with.  Each student logs into his or her own page and starts up where they left off or their parent/teacher can assign to them what they would like them to work on each day.  The students can find their assigned tasks on their dashboard page when they sign in.

The lessons consist of a short 4-9 minute video where they are taught the new concept by listening and watching the movie.  After watching the movie they answer the questions provided.  They can go back and re-watch the video at any time if they have trouble answering the questions plus they are able to print a lesson summary if needed to help them while answering the questions.

Parents are able to set the passing grade required for each lesson.  The lesson is not completed until they pass. Students are also able to take diagnostic tests at any time to see how they are doing.  Certificates are awarded for their achievements as well.

There are games the students can play to improve their basic math skills.

In the dashboard area the students have detailed and summary reports (showing how much they have completed and how they are doing overall) available to them at all times.

Teachers also have a dashboard they log into separately where they are able to look over how the students are doing, how long they are working on math, when they login and log out, if they are trying all the problems and much more.  Teacher’s also receive emails with reports on the students.

Our Thoughts

I used CTCMath with my 13 year old son.  He doesn’t like math, and it being summer vacation, I figured I might have some resistance. He wasn’t all that fired up about having to do math in the summer, but I was pleasantly surprised with his willingness to do it for me during the review period.  I began by trying out assigning him tasks.  I did like this feature because then he was aware of exactly what was expected of him each day.  We eventually just switched to having him do the next lesson each day instead of assigning tasks.  Assigning tasks would be especially helpful if you were just skipping around the lessons using it to reinforce concepts he was struggling with.

My son liked the short videos and did very well in the lessons.  He liked having the ability to print out a lesson summary while working on the questions, especially when working on Roman Numerals.   This way he didn’t have to keep going back to the video when he couldn’t remember something, he could just reference the printout.

I like that I receive emails on his progress.  Often times during the busy homeschooling year I forget to go in and check on how they are progressing and find that they have been slacking a little.  The emails are great reminders for me, and are loaded with helpful information.

Overall we like our experience working with CTCMath.  I love that I can use it with both of my students.  I will be using this curriculum to help with concepts they have struggled with in the past along with their regular curriculum.


CTCMath Review

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