As a Christian family it is a struggle to find appropriate movies to fit our families standards.  Many times we have thought that this would be a perfect night for a good movie, so we spend hours looking through movies to find out that there isn’t any that we think are worthwhile. Now that we have found we can find Christian movies we know we will all enjoy, for educational purposes as well as family entertainment. is an online store stocked with thousands of Christian and family-friendly films at great prices.  The titles include drama, apologetics and creation, love and romance, evangelistic movies, children’s titles, and educational and documentary films. I was excited to find their large selection of new release Christian DVDs and Blu-rays. Recently my family was given the opportunity to review the Woodlawn DVD from Review


I don’t want to give you the entire story but I will share with you some of the content.  The movie takes place in the early 1970s in Birmingham, Alabama.  The main character Tony Nathan along with other African-American students are reluctantly starting school at Woodlawn High School after the government mandated desegregation in 1973.  The fact that they were forced to desegregate didn’t make this transition easy in this Southern Alabama town.  Integrating the players on the football team at Woodlawn was proving difficult at best especially when Tony Nathan was proving to be one of the best players.  The Racism was a problem for the team as well as their parents in the stands and the outlook didn’t look good for the football season.  It seemed highly impossible that this team would ever be able to work together and win games. 

It all looked hopeless until chaplain Hank Erwin asked to have some time to speak to the team.  He shared his own story of how he turned from his own ways to follow Jesus Christ and to the amazement of the coaches most of the team, both black and white made the decision to follow Christ as well.  You can imagine how the movie progresses with God on their side helping them to work together as a team.  They continued to have struggles with racial tensions on and off the field but were able to rely on each other and their new faith in Jesus to pull them through.  The amazing affect that this team had on their school and community changed and inspired countless lives. Review

Our Thoughts

We are currently in the middle of US History in our homeschool so the movie Woodlawn was a great fit.  What probably interested my kids the most is that this true event in history took place not that long ago.  It is hard to imagine ourselves in this situation wondering if we would have been bold enough to help change history.  The good thing is you don’t have to be a football fan to enjoy this movie it goes much deeper than the game, win or lose.  This is a true story of how sharing your love for Jesus Christ by making a commitment to love your neighbor just like he did can change your life and everyone around you.  

I am excited to be a part of history where Christian movies are making a big impact and changing lives.  Recently Christian movies have improved in production skill, visuals, cinematography, music and writing!  We have more top quality movies available to us than ever before to enjoy with our families.  You will want to browse through the large selection of movies at when planning your next movie night with your family.

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