Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}

What is Grapevine Studies?

Grapevine Studies is a Bible study where you read directly from the Bible and draw out the stories using stick figures. This method of study helps students learn the major characters and events through hearing the Bible, stick figuring the passage, and answering questions about lessons.  Review is also used in this study while going over what they have learned and putting it all together with stick figures on a timeline.  Older Students are introduced to more scripture, geography and helpful Bible study skills in the upper levels.

New Testament Overview Part 1

For the past few weeks we’ve been using the New Testament Overview Part 1 from Grapevine Studies for our Bible study.  I am using New Testament Part 1 Level 4 Birth of John to Jesus’ Ministry for all three of my children.  

Level 4 covers the New Testament timeline from the birth of John to Jesus praying.  This study focuses on the events surrounding the birth of Jesus, when He was baptized, how He was tempted, and who He chose as disciples.  This study incorporates the use of a Bible Dictionary, Concordance and Topical Bible to help students learn the skills needed to study the Bible independently.


Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}

Our Thoughts

grapevine studiesWe enjoy hands on learning experiences in our homeschool and found just that in this Bible curriculum.  My favorite thing about the stick figure drawing is that literally everyone can do it! The teacher’s manual provides you with a sample for each drawing so that you don’t have to make one up. I draw mine on the white board as we go and my kids are free to copy mine, or make up their own.  As I was drawing my stick figures on the white board my kids would immediately tell the stories to go along with them, before I even had a chance to.

We had all the supplies on hand for this curriculum.  I keep all the binders that we have used in the past, they look a little shabby but worked nicely for this curriculum.  We had all sorts of choices of markers and colored pencils on hand as well.  We did purchase a Topical Study Bible to help us with our study which added something new to the way we study our Bible.

I liked the opportunity to do a Bible study a little differently with my kids.  The kids appreciated it as well.  We frequently giggled at each others pictures and discussions were easily started about why particular things were added to each picture.  Since some of my kids love to draw and others do not they each added their own unique touches to their stick figures.  I also found that even if they didn’t normally love to draw they enjoyed the opportunity to study the Bible in this new way.

By drawing the stick figures I feel they will think more about what they are hearing as I am reading to them out of the Bible.   They will also think in more detail because they are drawing specific details in their books.   By drawing the figures to go with the story it will stay in there memory as well.  Putting the stick figures into a complete timeline helps to tie everything together and also allows for some review.

We have been digging deeper into the word with this study and my children are learning valuable skills that they will use the rest of their lives.  This study not only involves drawing stick figures it encourages you to use a Bible Dictionary, Topical Study Bible as well as a concordance.  I could also see using this in a Sunday School class or homeschool coop setting.  I would recommend this Bible study to those who like to study directly from the Bible forming your own discussions on what you read and cementing the stories in your mind by drawing them out on paper.

You can learn more about how you can use Grapevine Studies in your homeschool by visiting




Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}

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