Beric The Briton Heirloom Audio Productions Review

Beric The Briton Heirloom Audio Productions Review

 12 years ago when we first started out on our homeschool journey we were introduced to G.A. Henty books.  I was assured by a vendor at my very first homeschool convention that these books would be a hit with my kids, especially my boys.  She was right, my oldest son truly enjoyed these books of history and adventure.  My younger boys are not yet as enamored with reading as my oldest, so I was super excited to get the opportunity to review this amazing Beric the Briton from Heirloom Audio Productions based on the book by G. A. Henty.

In case you are not aware of the author, he is best known for his historical adventure stories that were popular in the late 19th century. G.A. Henty’s adventure books emphasize traits of courage, high moral character, diligence, perseverance and other valuable personal virtues plus each adventure takes place within the setting of some important period in human history.  Henty’s heroes live their adventures within exciting historical events.  The books are noted for their detailed and accurate accounts of history and the ability to entertain and teach by the example of impeccable heroes.

Beric the Briton

We received Beric the Briton Audio Theater for review.  This included 2 CD’s that offer 2 1/2 hours of non-stop adventure, recommended for ages 6 – adult.  We also received 8 digital bonuses:


  1.  The Beric the Briton Soundtrack MP3 download
  2. G.A. Henty’s original Beric the Briton E-Book with all new colorful graphics.
  3. The Beric the Briton MP3 set
  4. A professionally designed, printable promotion poster (24” x 36”) featuring the star-studded cast of Beric the Briton
  5. The complete Beric the Briton eStudy Guide and Discussion Starter
  6. A beautiful, printable copy of the inspirational verse as quoted by Julius in Beric The Briton: “I will gladly die for him who died for me.”
  7. Unlimited access to the Live The Adventure Letter E-Newsletter
  8. A behind-the-scenes documentary featuring the amazing cast, crew and actors of Beric the Briton

All of these downloadable bonus features are included with the premium buying option of the adventure – The Family Four-Pack.

Our Thoughts

The e-study guide gives a very in depth overview of the characters that you will hear about in the drama.  This is beneficial to read with your kids before listening to the audio as it will help them understand better what is happening in the story.  The study guide offers questions to go over with your kids after listening to sections of the drama, telling you exactly where to stop the CD.  It also has great discussion questions to help you think a little deeper about what is happening in the story.  Vocabulary words are listed for each section that you can go over with your kids to make sure they are fully comprehending.  There are extras throughout the study guide such as links for further study, where to find books on some of the subjects discussed, recipes, where to find virtual tours of ancient Rome and much more!  The e-study guide also includes a Bible study that encourages you to dig into the Bible to find answers to your questions as you listen to the story.   Since we listened to the audio drama in the car while on summer vacation we didn’t use the e-study guide, but I have plans to pull this out again and use it when we are studying Roman History during our regular school year.

The adventure is about the Roman invasion of ancient Britannia where we find Beric and his friend Bodouc as they are captured by the Romans, trained as gladiators and eventually become employed by Nero himself.  The adventure was exciting and brought us into the story with the sounds and activities of the time.  At the time we were listening to this we were all in the car driving through Montana. While looking around at the scenery I was thinking maybe we should be listening to a story about Custer or Lewis and Clark.  But the Audio did such a good job of pulling us into the story I soon began to picture the colosseum and gladiators fighting it out on the Montana Prairies.

My kids have always enjoyed listening to Audio Adventures in the car or at home.  They are now ages 13 – 21 and still enjoyed this adventure as did my husband and I.  It is entertaining, yet thought provoking with an underlying Christian theme that makes it worthwhile.

Beric The Briton Heirloom Audio Productions Review

Beric The Briton Heirloom Audio Productions Review

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