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I have been using the Pro Plan subscription from in our homeschool. offers printable and online tests, worksheets, activities, lessons, and games for PreK-12.  Designed to help educators easily put together the resources they need.

The pro plan is $24.95 per year and includes:

  • Test Maker to create custom tests and worksheets
  • The use of up to 100 questions on custom tests and worksheets
  • Use questions with images (there are 1000+ images from various categories or you can use existing questions with images)
  • save your own custom tests as PDF’s
  • Use Test Room to administer online tests and lessons
  • Access to pre-made premium content

There are also free and group plans available.

Making Custom Worksheets

What I used the most out of the many possibilities is the Test Maker.  We do a lot of reading for our History reading as many books as we can on the events and people in history.   We usually read history together as a family, but on occasion there are days that other things come up and we are unable to do history together.  I used Test Maker to custom build a worksheet that they could complete on their own using the questions I would typically ask them in person.  Creating the tests/worksheets was quick and easy.  I chose the option where I named my test and added my own questions.  Since my questions involved several different books and topics I made my own, but there are other options available such as typing in a keyword of what you are studying and having a test ready made with the amount of questions you desire that you can quickly print out.

There are also many options in how you would like to set up your test, such as multiple choice, true or false, fill in the blank and open ended.  Open ended worked well for my worksheets.  There is also an option to print a another worksheet with the answers for easy correcting.  I really enjoyed having the ability to create these worksheets quickly and easily for when I would be gone or not able to work one on one with my children.

Lessons also has lessons that I would assign to my children.  You can do this by sending them their assignment link in an email. You don’t have to send them an email to do the lessons but we thought it was fun.  I would find lessons for them in the morning and they could complete them when they had time.  I would be able to check on how my kids did by logging into  I could find when they did their lesson, time spent and if they tried the practice questions.  There are many lessons to choose from and they are categorized by subject and grade level.  The lessons are something fun and different than what we are used to.  During a lesson they would first go through the information provided on the subject, try the practice questions, watch the video lesson and then try the activity.  In one of the lessons we used (The Inner Planets) the activity was an interactive view of the solar system where we were able to click on the planets to learn more about them as well as play a fun game.  The student finishes up by taking a test online or printing a test to asses what they have learned.  It also included links to lessons that would further enhance our learning on the subject.

Our Thoughts

Our homeschool curriculum usually comes with it’s own written tests and worksheets.  Some of our curriculum doesn’t have this option and because I am working so closely with them I know what they are learning and if they understand it, so this doesn’t seem to be an issue.  For this reason I wondered how much I would be able to utilize in my homeschool.

I was surprised at how much we used this site during our review period.  Generating the worksheets for our history was easy to do and took away the stress of having to find time to complete the History together on the days our schedule didn’t seem to allow for it.  My kids also need the practice of writing out complete answers in complete sentences and being able to follow thHelpTeaching.come directions.

The lessons were a fun and interactive way to add a little something extra into our regular curriculum.  Finding a lesson for Martin King Luther Jr. day was one of the ways I was able to utilize the lessons to enhance our learning outside of our current curriculum.

The Game Generator where you can make your own word search and bingo games looked fun to me, but my kids have never enjoyed these types of games so I didn’t take the time to try them out.  

helpteaching.comMy younger niece and nephews (Preschool,kindergarten and 4th grade) were staying with us last weekend and I found bunches of things for them to do on   They enjoyed working on the colorful worksheets and coloring pages that I printed out for them.

There are so many options on this site it is hard to tell you about every part.  I have tried to give you detailed information on the things we used.  If you have questions head on over to to find out how you can use a subscription to this site in your homeschool.


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