Abby Ludvigson Sex by Design

I want to guide my son to help him make the right choices regarding sex, and I was relieved to be able to have some help in this area. I can tell you up front discussing purity with your teens is a lot easier with Abby Ludvigson‘s program, Sex by Design. Not only does it make it easier to discuss this topic, it gives my son practical strategies and resources that he can use to live out a pure lifestyle while encouraging me as his guide.  This program replaces cultural lies with Biblical truth and current statistics, empowering him to see that purity is about saying yes to God’s best for his life.

Abby Ludvigson Sex by Design

Abby Ludvigson is an energetic and engaging speaker who equips teens with the Biblical responses needed to resist the cultural shift in sexual purity.  She is very convincing in that she is living out her plan for sexual purity as a young single woman.  Abby’s mission:

Bringing the truth about God’s design for sexuality
to youth and families.


Sex by Design

Abby Ludvigson’s Sex by Design home study course provides Biblical content, resources and encouragement to dialogue with your teen on this topic.  The course includes:

  1. The Film Series
  2. Parent and Teen Guidebooks
  3. Online Resource Guide

The film series introduces the topic and you are encouraged to take the study further and make it more personal by using the parent and teen guidebooks.  The Online resource guide has an amazing variety of suggestions to take the study even deeper such as book recommendations not only for the teen but for the parents as well, articles, downloads you may want to print out, videos etc.

Abby Ludvigson’s Sex by Design is a curriculum for girls AND boys, it is not a “sex education course” but a curriculum on how to help teens build a Biblical worldview on God’s design for sex and then how to live it out in their personal lives.
The topics addressed in this curriculum:

1) plan ahead: living pure in a sex saturated culture
2) counting the cost: every decision has a price tag
3) dating: doing relationships God’s way
4) sex: God’s purpose and plan
5) modesty: God cares what I wear
6) pornography: Its deception and steps to get out or stay out
7) secondary virginity: running back to God

Our Thoughts

It could have been an uncomfortable subject for us, but it wasn’t because Abby covered the topics with such expertise that we wanted to talk about it even further. I found Abby to be very convincing, knowledgable and open and I know there are many important topics that would have never been discussed if we had not done this study together.

The video series is amazing in itself but what I love most is the resources Abby provides to help us dig even deeper.  The guidebooks include note taking sections for each lesson where you can follow along with the video, taking notes.  You will find the scripture references in the guidebook so you can look them over later.  Follow up questions to discuss with parents as well as sections to help you personalize it by making your own strategies etc. Finally ending with ways you plan to apply what you have learned to your life.

The Online Resource Guide is packed full of extra information.  Abby includes book recommendations for girls, for boys and for parents on each subject taught.  She provides printable downloads of information she has shared in the video that are very helpful for parent and teen study but also could be very helpful in a group study.  She provides so many interesting resources you could easily make this study last as long as you want, an entire school year, digging deep into each section reading and discussing these topics for months.  Can you imagine the benefit this would have on your child?

Abby Ludvigson is an excellent role model for your teen and Sex by Design is the perfect resource to help you guide your children.  I encourage you to check out her website.  You will find even more information on this study along with video excerpts of the course to help you understand how beneficial this study can be for you, your child and youth group.

Sex by Design {Abby Ludvigson Review}

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