The Secret Bridge {Lamplighter Publishing Reviews}

I was introduced to Lamplighter Publishing about 10 years ago at a homeschool convention.  Mark Hamby the founder and President of Lamplighter Publishing was the main speaker that year.  He is an amazing speaker and kept us all spellbound as he talked about all the beautiful books available from Lamplighter Publishing.  I left that convention wishing I could afford to own them all.

I did purchase several books at the convention and have added quite a few over the years as gifts.

You can imagine then, that I was excited to receive my copy of the The Secret Bridge from Lamplighter Publishing to review and begin reading to my family.  I have been reading aloud to my family for years and even now that they are older we still enjoy reading a good book together.

Lamplighter Publishing

“Christlike character one story at a time.”

Lamplighter books are chosen ensuring that each story reflects the character of God and are enhanced with footnotes and Biblical truths. There are books for all ages and will help build a strong moral character in your family.

Lamplighter publishing makes it easy to find the perfect book for your family. You can choose books on certain character traits that you may be struggling with in your family as well as search for them by age level.

The Secret Bridge {Lamplighter Publishing Reviews}

The Secret Bridge

The Secret Bridge by Amy Le Feuvre is a beautiful book not only in story.  We (me and my sons ages 14 & 16) enjoyed this book from cover to cover, and speaking of the cover, it is beautiful as well.  It will fit comfortably on the shelf next to the others in our Lamplighter collection.

I can’t help but think at this point how well Mark Hamby described the Lamplighter books, telling us just enough to get us hooked, but not telling the entire story.  I will do my best to tell you about this amazing story without giving away too much.  The book begins with a young woman named Bridgett who is traveling on a ship after loosing her parents.   She is hoping to stay with her uncle but finds nothing the way she had hoped when she arrives.  Without any money or means to support herself she finds herself relying on a young man she had briefly come to know on the ship.  In her helpless state she agrees to marry the young man right before he heads out to sea.

As she waits for him to return she not only comes to realize her love for him but also builds on her relationship with God as she struggles through the issues that face her everyday.

I tortured my boys by only reading just a chapter each day.  I enjoy dragging out a good book as long as we can so we can look forward to reading it each day.

While her husband is away at sea she endures several shocking surprises, is forced to keep secrets and finds comfort and love in her relationship with God and her newfound families.  All the while writing back and forth between them builds their love for one another.

We liked this book from Lamplighter Publishing and highly recommend reading it alone or with your family.

The Secret Bridge {Lamplighter Publishing Reviews}

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