Exclusive High School Diploma Review

I cannot wait to present my daughter with her personalized Exclusive High School Diploma from HomeschoolDiploma.com.  I am very impressed with how it turned out and all the options I had in making it personal for my daughter and our homeschool.  My daughter is the second to graduate from our homeschool and I am happy to have found HomeschoolDiploma.com.

Along with our homeschool name and Elizabeth’s name and birthdate we were given many different choices to personalize the diploma. To begin with there were several options on how we wanted to word the diploma.  We chose the wording that emphasized the culmination of her 12 years of home education and accomplishments.  To my relief  I didn’t have to come up with the wording myself but I found the wording choice that best described our situation among their options.  One of my favorite parts of the diploma is where God is given thanks for his enabling grace which I admit I might not have thought to include, but love that it is. There were paper choices as well and we chose the parchment paper.   We also decided to include proverbs 9:10 on the diploma, which adds a nice personal touch.    The diploma is 8.5″ X 11″, the perfect size to display at her graduation party.  There were many more options to personalize the diploma for an additional cost, but we chose to stay with everything that is included in the price of the Exclusive High School Diploma and are very pleased with how it turned out.

The Exclusive High School Diploma comes with a padded cover that is printed with the seal of our choosing as shown below.

HomeschoolDiploma.com offers caps & gowns, honors items, and graduation announcements as well as their diplomas.  We received a sample of some of their graduation announcements along with our diploma.  I am impressed with their quality and design with the Christian homeschooler in mind. As I stated above, I was happy with how they chose to word things and the options that were provided.  This also shows in their announcements as well.  I particularly loved the wording found in the announcement that expressed what I am feeling now when we are approaching the final days of our homeschool journey together.

homeschool graduation announcement

I will be honored to display the Exclusive High School Diploma from HomeschoolDiploma.com at our daughter’s graduation. This diploma will be a treasured keepsake of our academic journey together.

Exclusive High School Diploma Review

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