LearnBop for Families Review

LearnBop has a great new way to practice math with their LearnBop for Families subscription!  LearnBop is an online math program for 3rd-12th grade that can help your students master math with step by step guidance personalized just for your student.  LearnBop for Families provides math assistance for your entire family.  

LearnBop for Families

Setting up your child’s account on LearnBop is easy.  For each child you set up a roadmap, choosing from grade level, subject or high school.  After you choose their roadmap they are ready to begin.  The roadmap can be changed to a different roadmap at any time.

LearnBop for Families Review
  • For each roadmap there are units to complete.  For each unit you begin with a warmup, where you go through a series of questions to help them find out where you should start.
  • After completing the warmup you can start on your building blocks.  For each building block you can watch several movies on new concepts.  These are optional to completing the building block, so if you are feeling extra confident you can skip them and move right on to the Bops.
  • You have to master 5 bops before you can move on to the next building block.  For each bop you answer a series of questions, for each one you get right you quickly move up the mastery scale so that you can finish.  If you answer a question incorrectly you move back down the mastery scale.  If you get a question wrong you answer a series of question specifically about the question you missed.  It breaks the question down helping to find out what part of the question you are not understanding.  After answering this series of questions you are given the original question again.  If you get it right you move on, if you get it wrong again, you can click on the hints button to help you.  Clicking the hints button walks you through how to do the problem step by step.  You can’t move on to the next question until you get this one right.  If you struggle on a question long enough you will get more of that type of question added to your unit to make sure you understand it before moving on.
  •  After mastering all of parentsthe building blocks you are ready to master the Concepts for the unit.  This is done in the same way as the building blocks, answering several questions working to master the concept.  When you master the concepts you are finished with the Unit.
  •  Finishing a unit can vary in the amount of time it takes to complete.  At least an hour for a unit was our average.  The time it takes depends on how much you know about this concept being taught.  We would typically work on one unit per day.
  •  The students are awarded for achievements along the way such as an award for staying focused for an hour or more, watching the movies, mastering 10 building blocks among many others.
  • Parents can keep track of each child’s dashboard, learning roadmap, progress and achievements easily.


Our Thoughts

I have to admit, we struggled with LearnBop at first.  We didn’t start out on the right roadmap and my kids got frustrated right away.  I soon found the solution for us, which was choosing the subject instead of grade level.  My kids did the warm up and started out on somewhat easier levels to help them stay motivated and work their way through the grades.  They didn’t like being placed in a lower grade for a subject so this motivated them to keep working.

My kids didn’t appreciate spending an hour or more on math, but we used it to supplement our math and so it didn’t need to be used everyday.  Of course they wouldn’t have needed to finish a complete unit each time either, that is just what I wanted them to complete for the review.

What I liked about LearnBop was how it engaged my kids and kept them working.  They didn’t always realize an hour had gone by.

I liked that LearnBop does what it says it will do.  It helped them to master a concept before moving on.  That is what I am looking for as their teacher and that is what kept them working for so long.  They didn’t want to give up before they finished the unit for the day.  They were challenged every time which means LearnBop had found the area they needed help with.

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LearnBop for Families Review

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