Logic of English Review

Logic of English Review

For the past several weeks my son and I have been working through Essentials 2nd Edition from Logic of English.  Essentials is a curriculum that will help you teach your students reading, spelling, writing and grammar.  The curriculum is designed for ages 7 and up.  Teaching students of all ages how to improve their spelling and reading skills through:

  • Phonics Instruction
  • Fluency practice
  • morphology
  • vocabulary development
  • grammar
  • composition

Essentials 2nd Edition

I have to admit that I have tried numerous methods and curriculum trying to improve my children’s spelling and grammar.  I was excited to be able to give Logic of English a try for the first time with my youngest son.

My favorite part of this curriculum was that all I had to do was open the book and begin.  I didn’t have to print or cut out anything.  There is a consumable workbook and spelling journal that is included in the complete set.  Flash cards, game cards and tiles are included as well and are precut and organized for you.  I did read through the introduction which included teacher tips, scope and sequence, advice on multi level teaching, creating a schedule, assessments and how to use the curriculum before we began the first time.  After learning how everything works the lessons each day were very easy to teach, mostly just open the book and read.

After taking the placement test we started in level B.  There are 3 levels that are included in each lesson which enables you to use this curriculum for 3 years.  In each scripted lesson there are parts you use in all levels and those that are used only for the level you are in.  When we finish with level B we will start level C and this will incorporate review from the previous levels as well.  There are 15 lessons in each level taking 5 days to do each lesson.  Each daily lesson takes about 30 to 40 minutes.  If a student needs practice on some of the basics there are also pre-lessons included that can be completed before starting one of the levels.

Each lesson starts out with a fun way to review facts, such as a card game, bingo etc.   These were fun ways to review and my son and I enjoyed them.  The facts that were reviewed were phonogram sounds with the vowels being the most difficult to remember as they make several different sounds.  In each lesson new phonograms were introduced such as two letter ck.  When the phonograms are introduced you learn the rules of when they are used.  Such as ck is only used after a short sounding single vowel.  The spelling words in each lesson also incorporate the new phonograms that are introduced.

The spelling words are taught in a unique way.  They are not just given to them to memorize.  Each word goes through an analysis helping the student to learn why it is spelled the way it is and ways to help them remember.  We divide each word into syllables, learn the “say to spell” (articulating the sounds you don’t hear), sound out the word together and mark multi letter vowels ect. when finished.  The spelling words are used in each lesson over and over and reviewed again in later lessons.

Grammar is also included in Essentials!  We made it to lesson 7 during our review period and learned about;

  • nouns, singular and plural
  • Adjectives
  • Non-Count Nouns
  • Article Adjectives
  • Irregular Plurals
  • Commas in a Series
  • Conjunctions

We also received a downloadable copy of the Essentials Reader.  The Reader is designed to help students with reading comprehension and to reinforce the things that they have been learning in Essentials.  The scripted lessons in Essentials tells you when and what stories to read.  My son enjoyed the stories and found them interesting as well as the colorful pictures.  Some were funny and others were topics he was interested in.

Our Thoughts

I found Logic of English to be a perfect fit for both me and my son.  We both liked the one on one interaction.  We were both learning the Logic behind English together making it easier to remember and understand.  Correcting grammar workbooks and spelling tests takes time and usually causes friction between me and my kids.  Working together in Logic of English was less stressful, I know he understands it and when the lesson is done, it is done! I don’t have to go back and correct anything or have him complete pages in a workbook on his own.  The lessons went quickly and we didn’t dread them as we have other methods we have tried.  I have seen improvement in my son’s spelling and writing.  I am excited to see how much he can progress in the coming lessons and levels.  With Logic of English Essentials I feel like we have accomplished something everyday with no prep time or correcting on my part.

Logic of English Review

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