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What a surprise to find out that there are homeschool curriculum opportunities for those interested in Christian filmmaking.  Family Gravity Media hosts a week long camp to give aspiring Christian filmmakers hands on training at the Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp.  If you are not able to attend a camp they also offer online training you can do at your own pace and on your own schedule.  For the last few weeks my son and I have been studying Christian filmmaking with Online Christian Filmmakers Academy from Family Gravity Media, a division of Families For Christ Ministries, Inc.  First I will tell you about the academy and how it works and then I will tell you how we used it and our thoughts.

Online Christian Filmmakers Academy {Family Gravity Media}

Online Christian Filmmakers Academy

The Online Christian Filmmakers Academy is taught by Ken & Zack Lawrence.  Ken and Zack are a father-son team and have been working together since 2004 producing feature films and many short films.  Ken is a Pastor, life coach, actor, Christian film producer and certified Career and technical Education instructor in Audio/video and film.

The class is taught in video Modules, each module containing 5-15 lessons each.  Each lesson can be 1-30 minutes in length, averaging 15 minutes.    The modules cover the topics listed below:

• Module 1 – The Camera
• Module 2 – Cinematography and Lighting
• Module 3 – Sound
• Module 4 – Pre-production
• Module 5 – Production

There are quizzes at the end of the modules.

Our Thoughts

I was probably the one that held the most interest in learning more on Christian filmmaking in my family.  Our family is involved in a Passion Play at our church every spring, mostly designing the set, props, stage crew, lighting and some acting as well.  We are always looking for ways to improve and saw this as an opportunity to do so.  We have had our Passion Play filmed in the past to have the opportunity to give DVD’s to those that were not able to attend.  My son did not express a big interest in Christian filmmaking but was interested in learning more about it just in case it might be a good fit for him.

We were able to finish the entire course in our review period watching 2 lessons a day.  We found the technical side of the lessons very informative and helpful, such as lighting and sound.  Our favorite was discussing DSLR cameras and lenses as this is what we have to work with and could actually implement some of the things discussed.

It is amazing the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes of a movie!  We soon realized how much knowledge and work is needed to put together a professional Christian film.  We may not be ready to put together a Christian film after taking this course, mainly because of the lack of equipment, but have a newfound appreciation and understanding of what goes into the development of a movie.

Will my son or I pursue Christian filmmaking?  I can’t say for sure, but I do know that we enjoyed the course, learned how to use visual media for the glory of God, all with the knowledge we took away from The Online Christian Filmmakers Academy.

If you have a child that is interested in Christian filmmaking this course would be the perfect fit!

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Online Christian Filmmakers Academy {Family Gravity Media}

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