Our family is right in the middle of several new driving experiences.

  • One of my children is headed off to college and will be driving in a large city for the first time by herself,
  • one just got his license this year and has no fear, and
  • one is just starting to study for his permit.

I was happy to get the opportunity to review the Roadworthy DVD from Timberdoodle.   Sure I have survived teaching 3 teenagers to drive so far, but I was still curious to see what this DVD had to offer.

Roadworthy DVD

In this DVD Mike Pehl (an experienced crash investigator and accredited driving instructor) goes through 12 lessons to keep your teen alive behind the wheel.

• Setting the Ground Rules
• The Safety Checklist
• The First Time in Gear
• The First Road Trip
• Fine Tune the Basics
• Head Out on the Freeway
• Master the Country Roads
• Keep It Moving
• Parallel Parking and 90 Degree Back-up
• Defensive Driving
• License Day
• Start Early and Never Stop

Plus Bonus Segment:

• Distracted Driving: Surviving the New “Drunk Driver”

The DVD is just over an hour in length.

Our Thoughts

We sat down and watched this movie with our kids ages 18, 16 and 13.  Both my husband and I feel that our kids could use some more insight on how to drive safely.  Sure we have told them countless times about the many dangers involved in driving and were pleased to have some reinforcement from this DVD.

The 12 lessons included helpful information to help parents getting into the car for the first time with their teenage driver.  Even if you plan to send them to drivers ed they still need hours of experience behind the wheel with you before they head out on their own.  You are most likely going to be their first driving instructor and it is important to instill good driving habits from the start.  The lessons help you to know how much to expect from them the first few times in the car, encouraging you to start slowly building up to heading out on the freeway.

If you are nervous about teaching your teen to drive this movie is perfect for you.  The lessons in this DVD will help you make sure you cover everything such as what to do when you get in the car and before you turn the key.  I have to tell you things have changed since I first learned to drive, such as where to place you hands on the wheel for one and cars have changed as well.  Mike Pehl brought up several things that I didn’t know had changed since I learned to drive.

This DVD is great for parents to watch before they start teaching their teen to drive, but I also liked that it has helpful graphics and video that help us and the kids to better understand and visualize the dangers in driving.  I think it was very helpful for my kids to see the facts and see how you would react and what you should do in certain situations to avoid an accident.  I know my daughter who has been driving for several years and has taken drivers ed learned some new things and it was a good refresher on others.  Mike Pehl was convincing and seemed very knowledgable on these topics which is great for the teens to hear from someone other than mom and dad.

We all found the Roadworthy DVD interesting and easy to watch and I have seen some of the things learned in this DVD used out on the road by my kids.  I know we all dread watching our teens drive out of the yard alone for the first time.  We hope that we have taught them well. By implementing the lessons in this DVD you will know you did your best.


Timberdoodle has been one of my favorite places to shop for our homeschool since the beginning.  They make education fun and I have often wished I could buy it all.  They also have Curriculum Kits for each grade level making it easy for you to decide what would work best for you children at their level.  The Roadworthy DVD can be found in the 10th Grade 2016 Timberdoodle Curriculum Kit.  You will want to go check out what else they offer for your student.

DISCLAIMER: I received a free product through Timberdoodle in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review, nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.

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