The Glass Castle {Shiloh Run Press Review}

My family loved listening to The Glass Castle by Trisha White Priebe and Jerry B. Jenkins, a great Christian fiction for kids book, from Shiloh Run Press.   The Glass Castle is the first in a series.  We received a hardcover copy ($12.99 value).  The Glass Castle is recommended for children ages 10-15.  This book is written by Trisha White Priebe, a wife, mom, and writer, and Jerry B. Jenkins, who has authored more than 175 books and is known for his Left Behind series.  I read this book to my family.

The Glass Castle begins on Avery’s 13th birthday.  Avery and her little brother are kidnapped and eventually separated.  Avery is taken to a castle where she is held captive with other children that are all 13 years old.  Avery discovers the reason behind her captivity. The king is old and dying and needs an heir to the throne. The king’s first wife had a child 13 years ago, but the king was told that the child had died.   Angelina, the woman the king is about to marry, wants to provide the king’s heir but is unsure if the king’s heir is out there somewhere.  Just in case, she has all 13 year-old orphans taken captive and threatens to have them killed.

Many mysterious clues appear throughout the book to keep you wondering such as:

  • why a girl named Kate, knows so much about Avery and wants to help and protect her.
  • The Castle that they are held captive in resembles her tree house where she grew up.
  • The songs her mom sang to her as a young child were about the 1st queen.
  • She was given a necklace by her mom that she was told to never loose, she later finds a picture of the queen wearing this same necklace.

Some of the mysteries you figure out as you read, some you think you have figured out but really don’t and sometimes you think you know exactly how it’s all going down, but do you?  The book ends with questions still lingering with the next book the Ruby Moon coming in the Fall of 2016.  It’s a page turner for sure, my kids didn’t want me to stop reading and asked for this book first everyday.  The chapters were short and easy to read, my 13 year old could have easily enjoyed this book on his own.  My 18 year old daughter likes to listen to me read while she knits, and she enjoyed the book as well.  We were reading the book Great Expectations by Charles Dickens at the same time and we could definitely see the contrast in the two books.   We appreciated both books, we really liked Great Expectations but enjoyed the easy reading and page turning appeal of The Glass Castle.  We would recommend this book to those in the given age range, but be aware that you or your 18 year old daughter might want to read it out loud to the family!


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The Glass Castle {Shiloh Run Press Review}

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