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As a family we have often pictured my needle felted creations coming to life in animation so we were thrilled to receive the Stopmotion Explosion Animation Kit to review.  The kit from Stopmotion Explosion includes a camera and book to help you get started in stopmotion animation.  I appreciated the quick start guide because we were very excited and impatient to get started.  If the thought of learning all that it takes to animate lego’s or other objects interests you or someone you love, you will want to read on.  If you are not familiar with what stopmotion animation is you will want to find out and so will your kids.  Make sure you watch the movie we made using the Stopmotion Explosion Animation Kit below.  

Stopmotion Explosion Animation Kit

  • Includes 720p HD video camera with internal microphone, manual focus, and clip.
  • Stopmotion Explosion book to help you learn all that you need to know to get started in stopmotion animation plus links to video tutorials on their website.
  • Animation Software

We are reviewing the animation kit.   You can also purchase just the Stopmotion Explosion book.



Our Thoughts

The day the kit arrived in the mail my 13 year old son and I had everything set up and were making movies within minutes using the quick start guide.  We had a movie of my needle felted moose walking around and were quite pleased with ourselves.  We couldn’t wait to show everyone.  We managed to get frames of the moose rearing up on his hind legs and charging the camera using some fishing line.  We watched the movie on the screen and began making plans of how we would improve and what we were going to do next. Before sharing our amazing short film with the rest of the family we watched it one more time to make sure it was ok.  To our dismay the screen went blank and we read an error message saying the program had unexpectedly shut down.  Our movie disappeared, but we were not to be discouraged for long.  We sat down and started reading the Stopmotion Explosion Book.


Watch our movie (above) that we made using the Stopmotion Explosion Animation Kit.

Stopmotion Explosion Review

Stopmotion Explosion Review

We had a lot of fun with Stopmotion Explosion, we made quite a few short videos like the one above, but are looking forward to making longer, planned out films using the knowledge we obtained from the Stopmotion Explosion book.  Our family was involved in a passion play at our church and lambing on our farm during this review so we didn’t get the opportunity to create a story or build a set like we learned about in the book. This book shares so much more than how to use the camera and create a basic movie.  After we read the book together we are motivated to take the time to build a set, create our own story, work on our lighting, composition and adding special effects and sound.

  • For our movies we used needle felted figurines that I have made, but the book gives quite a few ideas on what you can animate.  Along with Legos the book shows you how to make characters that you can animate out of wire and clay.
  • We are excited to create our own story and the book teaches you how to write a screenplay for your movie.
  • After writing a screenplay you will need to build a set for your movie and the book gives many ideas as well as how to plan ahead for what you will need.
  • We received the kit for review which included a camera to use.  There are many choices in cameras for stopmotion movies and the book goes through and helps you find the ones that will work best.  I was also excited to learn that you can use DSLR cameras for stopmotion animation.  There is an entire chapter devoted to teaching you how to use your DSLR camera for this along with software programs and other tips.  I myself am looking forward to this, as I love photography and clear pictures as well as a challenge.  🙂
  • We used natural lighting in our videos but the book shows how to make your movies more professional with good lighting tips.
  • You will learn how to animate your characters plus tricks and techniques on making them fly.  Special effects such as making explosions, smoke and gunfire blasts are taught as well.
  • You can add voices and sound effects to your movie! You will learn how to add dialog and music as well as what sound editing programs are available for free and how to use them.
  • Learn how to edit your films on Windows or Mac as well as how to save and share them in the best way possible.
  • The book covers much more than I highlighted here as well as links to video tutorials on their website.

Imagine your kids spending days writing a story together for a screenplay, developing their own characters, building a set, setting up camera and lighting to make their own movie.  The Stopmotion Explosion Animation Kit gives them everything they need to put it all together.  If you are looking for something fun and educational to brighten up your homeschool this is for you.  I didn’t even begin to tell you everything this book covers as far as all the technical information that is needed, it is jam packed with information.  Stopmotion Explosion makes stopmotion animation easy to accomplish for the novice and it gives you opportunity, ideas and motivation to take it a step further and make a top notch film.

Stopmotion Explosion Review

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