Knitting with Libbie

My daughter Libbie Perleberg has been knitting since she was 7 years old. That was the year she wanted to learn how to knit, so we bought a book and learned together. The very same year she asked for a lamb for her 8th Birthday. That is the year we purchased 4 Romney sheep, 2 for Libbie and 2 for me. Our flock has grown and Libbie and I have found many beautiful ways to use their wool. I may have taught Libbie how to knit, but she has passed me in her amazing ability to knit beautiful and complicated patterns. The hand knit products below are all knit by Libbie using purchased yarn or yarn that we have hand spun from the wool of our Romney sheep.

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Hand Knit Sheep
This sheep was hand knit by Libbie using many different types of yarn. Handspun and otherwise. She knit this sheep at the age of 15.


sheep at bear creek

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