Salmon Wool for Needle Felting


Romney wool is what I use in all of my sculptures and what I recommend for Needle Felting.

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6 Felting Needles | Size 36

A set of 6 felting needles

The size I use most often.

size 36 star


Romney wool from our flock of sheep. This wool is amazing to felt with and is what I use in my needle felting projects and kits.

Romney Wool | .5 ounce

~ felts quick and easy.

~ dyed by Shepherd Industries, LLC

~ I have been asked how I get my sculptures so dense and solid. This wool is my secret.

~ The sheep in my flock are raised for their wool with special attention to how well it felts.

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Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in

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