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Knitting at Bear Creek

Have you met my Daughter Libbie?  She attends most shows with me, plus I have shared her knitting in the past.  Libbie wanted to learn how to knit when she was 7 years old.  I found a book and learned the basics of knitting so that I could show her how.  Since those... read more

Needle Felting a Loon

Loon #5 I needle felted my first loon years ago.  I sold that first loon right away and had requests for more.  I made two more loons and one miniature loon within a year.  I found that after adding spots to all those loons I didn’t want to make another.  ... read more

Fiber Flock

July is an enjoyable season to be on a farm.  The lambs are growing beautifully,  and were weaned last week.  Thanks to abundant rainfall the pastures continue to look good.  The boys are in the process of taking out old falling down fence in the West pasture and... read more