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We are a family owned business by Fort Ransom, North Dakota. We raise Registered Romney sheep, white and natural. Contact us for breeding stock we may have available.

All of our products are made from wool that was raised here at the Bear Creek Ranch. Beautiful fiber art inspired by nature, by fiber artist Teresa Perleberg. Check out her one of a kind art in the felting gallery, or visit the store to purchase a piece of art to call your own!

We also provide supplies, kits and basic felting information. Learn how to needle felt with one of our kits All of our kits come with everything you need to make your own sculpture and detailed instructions, and all the wool provided comes from our own flock! Visit the store to see the kits and supplies available. Want to learn how to Needle felt? Live nearby? Contact Bear Creek Design to set up a class with Teresa!

Make sure to stop by the farm news page to keep updated on our new arrivals, and any events we may be attending! And please take a virtual tour of the Bear Creek Ranch and meet the farm residents.

Bear Creek Bunnies and Snowmen of July

A few projects that I completed in July 2014.  They are available to purchase in my Etsy shop.

Needle Felted Bison

This Saturday, July 19th at the North Dakota State Fair you can bid on the needle felted Bison pictured below.  All the proceeds will support the FFA members and activities.  The Bison was sculpted out of wool using the art of needle felting by Teresa Woodbury Perleberg.  The Bison is donated by the Wyndmere FFA.


ffa_auctionbill FFABuffalo2

The Bear Creek Bunnies do Yoga

I had some fun making these!  :-)  They make me laugh.


Bear Creek Bunny Yoga by Teresa Perleberg
Bear Creek Bunny Yoga by Teresa Perleberg

Bear Creek Bunny Yoga by Teresa Perleberg

Downward facing Bunny by Teresa Perleberg

Bear Creek Bunny Yoga by Teresa Perleberg

Moose Family

I have made several sculptures of Bull Moose and it was time to make a cow with her twin calves.

Needle Felted Moose by Teresa Perleberg

MooseCow2Needle Felted Moose by Teresa Perleberg

Needle Felted Moose by Teresa Perleberg

My first Clay Cow Sculpture

I just finished making my first Cow sculpture out of clay.  Working with clay is so much different than working with wool.  It has been fun working with a different medium and I still have so much to learn.  Hopefully she comes out of the kiln ok. Cow Sculpture by Teresa Perleberg

You may wonder why I would choose to make a cow?  I love cows.  :-)  I have been around cattle all my life and have had the opportunity to study every part of them.  I can almost work without a picture but not quite.   I grew up with cows, working with them daily, breaking them to lead and showing them etc.
Clay Cow

I look forward to sharing the pictures of the finished project.  I am nervous about glazing her and how she will look in the end, but I will share pictures either way, I promise.  :-)

Needle Felting Class with Teresa Perleberg

Christmas In July

Dakota Fiber Mill, Kindred, ND

Snowman Needle Felting Class with Teresa Perleberg


Saturday, July 19

1 pm (3 hour class)

Cost is $48 (all supplies included)

Dakota Fiber Mill 17061 54th St SE Kindred, ND 

To register:

 Call or text Chris: 701-238-4002

email: dakotafibermill@gmail.com

This needle felting class is for beginners and experienced felters.

You will learn how to make a snowman out of wool using the art of needle felting.

Spring Needle Felting Projects

It has finally warmed up here in North Dakota. The beautiful weather draws me outside and keeps me from my felting projects. The garden is planted, flower beds weeded, graduations attended. Now it’s time to get some fun felting projects completed. :-)

Needle Felting Class

Cavalier Felting class

Bear Creek Bunnies of May

Baby Tanzania

Tanzania 2014


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