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About Bear Creek

Welcome to Bear Creek Felting!

I’m Teresa Perleberg, a fiber artist and needle felter living on a farm in North Dakota with my family and our flock of 275 sheep. I use their wool to create beautiful and unique needle felted sculptures.

I’ve been needle felting for over 15 years, and I love sharing my passion for this art form with others. I offer a variety of needle felting kits, supplies, and classes to help you get started or advance your needle felting skills.

Here are some of the things you can do at Bear Creek Felting:

In a vertical wool operation, a single business takes ownership of the wool for the entire process, from farm to retail.

A Bear Creek Felting Kit is made fully within the state of North Dakota. This is actually quite a feat in today’s textile environment, where few businesses take ownership from raw wool to retail.

Bear Creek’s pipeline begins on the farm. The wool  goes to be washed, carded and dyed 18 miles from the farm in Nome. The team at Shepherd Industries then assembles the kits and ships them directly from the mill in Nome. Because of this, Bear Creek can offer an unsurpassable level of transparency: the wool can be tracked back to the sheep who grew it. 

This traceability is incredibly important: most brands cannot offer this level of detail. But if you care about where your wool comes from, how it was processed and under what conditions, you’ll want to choose to purchase from businesses that can offer traceability.  


Our mission is to inspire connections and community by spreading the joy of Needle Felting

What Customers Are Saying

I am always hesitant to subscribe to a monthly service, because I’m concerned that I won’t get my moneys worth. The Needle Felting Academy subscription has outperformed my expectations in just the first month! Teresa’s methods and tutorials for needle felting have made this craft so much more intuitive for me! I have created some pieces from her tutorials and used her techniques to create my own original pieces as well. I am very happy that I joined the Academy!

Christine P,
Academy Member

I purchased 3 kits from Bear Creek and had a blast doing them! the instructions were easy to follow even for me, someone who has never done needle felting before!! I purchased the pumpkin, black sheep and the dragon kits and all were fun and easy to do! highly recommended!!!

Laura Michels