You can learn to make adorable needle felted creations with character and Personality . . .

I am here to help you avoid frustration and achieve needle felting success!  Guiding you through all the steps in the process, helping you find the best materials and most importantly helping you make needle felted creations you can be proud of.

New to Needle Felting?

The beginner Needle Felting Kits are perfect for you to start your felting journey.  The kits include all the materials you need plus easy to follow instructions for every step, even if you have never even heard of needle felting before.


Fantastic item – I started working on my hippo kit the night it arrived! The instructions are clear and easy to follow, and my family is impressed by how hippo-like my hippo looks! Thank you for this great first introduction to my new favorite craft.

The directions are clear with lovely pictures, and all of the contents are very well organized and of good quality. Great beginner project.


This was my first Needle Felting project and it turned out great! Everything I needed to create the rabbit. Good instructions and plenty of wool to work with. Very happy and money well spent!!


Start your first needle felting project today!

Needle Felting Kits Sold

Looking for more personal guidance and video tutorials?

The Bear Creek Needle Felting Academy is for beginners as well as those that have been needle felting for awhile. Everything you need to get you started or help you advance your current skill level.

In the Needle Felting Academy you will have access to a growing variety of needle felting courses.  These courses are designed to help you add more character and detail to your sculptures.  I can’t wait to share my techniques with you and get to know you in the Academy.

Find the encouragement, motivation and knowledge you need to create amazing sculptures.


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