Bear Creek Felting

                             Learn to make

adorable needle felted creations

with character and Personality . . .

My Name is Teresa Perleberg and I want to help you not only learn Needle Felting, I want to make it fun and as easy as possible by:

  • Guiding you through each step in the process
  • Providing and helping you find the best materials
  • Sharing the best tools that will make needle felting more enjoyable
  • and most importantly teaching you the techniques needed to make needle felted creations you can be proud of.

I love making creations that make others smile and I want you to be able to do the same!

New to Needle Felting?

The beginner Needle Felting Kits are perfect to get you started on your felting journey.  The kits include all the materials you need plus easy to follow instructions for every step, even if you have never even heard of needle felting before.

Looking for more personal guidance and video tutorials?

The Bear Creek Needle Felting Academy is for anyone at any stage of needle felting. This is absolutely the place to be if you love this craft! And what could be better than starting you needle felting journey here with us?

I have a library full of Video courses waiting for you in the Academy. These videos walk you through the entire process of making a sculpture from start to finish. Videos that you can stop and rewind and watch again and again at your own pace. If you have a question, just ask, I will be there to guide you, critique your work and help you any way I can.

You will also enjoy a community of needle felting artists all over the world, sharing ideas and chatting about everything we have in common. We can’t wait to have you join us!


Find the encouragement, motivation and knowledge you need to create amazing sculptures.

“. . . thats when I found Bear Creek Felting and OMG what a treasure to find in a world of confusion. Teresa has made things soooo simple.”

Mrs Lynda Haymes

Academy Member