Bear Creek Bunnies

Needle Felted by Teresa Perleberg
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The Bear Creek Bunny Story

I began making the Bear Creek Bunnies after a long winter.  We live on a farm in North Dakota, and this was a winter to remember.  We had record amounts of snow, blizzard after blizzard where we were unable to leave our farm.  The snow was so deep that the snow plow made what was like a tunnel for us to drive through.  That was if the snow plow went at all.  It was a depressing winter that never seemed to end.  The idea for the bunnies came to me as I was spinning some spring colored roving into yarn.  The roving was hand painted with beautiful bright spring colors.  I decided I wanted to be able to felt with these colors as well.  My felting usually consisted of realistic brown, grey or white animals.  I needed a happy, spring animal that could wear these beautiful colors.  This is how the Bear Creek Bunnies were born.  They cheered me immensely and helped me to get through that long winter and spring.  My son’s were not impressed by the way.  They were proud of my big horn sheep, elk, moose sculptures and could not understand anyone wanting one of these silly little bunnies in dresses.

The Bear Creek Bunnies have changed over the years from smiling to laughing, from standing to holding balloons, from sitting to doing yoga.  Each one has a different personality so that they are fun to collect.  I have heard from so many that the bunnies make them smile and brighten their day each time they look at them.  This is what they have been designed to do, long winter or not.  🙂

The Bear Creek Bunnies take time to make.  I can usually finish a bunny in an afternoon if the skirts are felted and I have all the colors I need.  The bunnies are made using the wool from our flock of sheep.  They are felted very firmly and include adorable details including a fluffy white tail.

The Bunnies have become very popular and sell quickly.  You will most likely not be able to stumble upon one of them in my Etsy shop or my website shop.  When I finish a new Bear Creek Bunny I post a picture on Facebook, Instagram and send out an email.  If you would like to sign up for the “Bunny Alert” email you can do so here.

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Every-bunny needs some-bunny to love! Why not give a home to a needle felted bunny rabbit that will gladden your heart throughout the cold winter months and help welcome in the first warmth of spring? Exquisitely well made with a range of designs and poses to choose from, the Bear Creek Bunnies feature an astonishing level of detail. Thanks to their uniqueness, they have become wonderful collector’s items.

Bear Creek Bunnies

The Bear Creek Bunnies sell quickly, if you would like to find out when I list a new Bear Creek Bunny sign up for my Bunny Alert Email.