ECCOSCOUR™ WA-305 – Wool Scouring Detergent


Biodegradable nonionic detergent and scouring agent

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ECCOSCOUR™ WA-305 is a scientifically formulated biodegradable nonionic detergent and scouring agent for natural and synthetic fabrics and fibers
Eccoscour is a product of Organic Dyes. It’s a powerful yet gentle wool scouring agent. It will clean and degrease the greasiest wool fleece yet is gentle enough for a tender cria fleece. Using just 2 tablespoons for 1-2 lbs of wool and 1 for non greasy fibers (alpaca, llama, mohair, yak, cashmere etc) its very economical as well. A 20 minute soak in your hottest tap water is all it takes to melt off the grease and dirt.
Safe for septic systems and non toxic.
Washing instructions included.

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