Bear Creek Snowmen

by Teresa Perleberg


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The Bear Creek Snowmen Story

Before I learned how to needle felt I loved to Knit.  I purchased some sheep with the intent of learning how to spin their beautiful wool into yarn.   The Woolly Women taught me how to spin, but they also introduced me to needle felting.  learning how to needle felt helped me to find a gift I didn’t know I had and opened up many possibilities for me.

I made a few snowmen early on and wasn’t ever able to figure out how to do their arms securely, once I figured out an excellent way to do their arms the snowmen started to evolve.  My very first snowmen never had mouths or hats, I tried making a few with mouths and they turned out quite scary.  Thus my snowmen had fat scarves that covered the mouth area and fixed the scary mouth problem.  After several years, I developed my own knit hat pattern which is still evolving to this day.  I soon conquered the scary mouth problem as well and started making very happy snowmen with characters all their own.

The snowmen start out as freshly shorn wool from our sheep, the fleece is skirted and picked, removing all the soiled and dirty parts.  The wool is then delivered to a local woolen mill where it is washed and carded into roving.  When I get the roving home it is formed into balls using the art of needle felting.  The balls are felted together to form the snowman.

The roving for the hats and scarves is hand painted and then I spin it into yarn.  The yarn is then hand knit into hats and scarves.

The Bear Creek Snowmen are genuinely one of a kind! I have made over 700 Bear Creek Snowmen.  They are one of my best selling items and sell out every Christmas.

Click on the images below to view a gallery of needle felted snowmen by Teresa Perleberg.   Most of the snowmen pictured below are sold you can find snowmen that are available to purchase in my Etsy shop.

Handmade solid wool snowmen

Snowmen made out of wool from our sheep with hand-knit hats and scarves that are made with hand painted, hand spun yarn.