Are you new to needle felting?

Overwhelmed with where you should even start?

 . . .or have you been needle felting for awhile but struggle to achieve the results you were hoping for?

I am here to help you learn the techniques necessary to achieve amazing results so you can feel proud of your projects and make your needle felting stand out from the crowd.

The Bear Creek Needle Felting Academy offers the support and direction you need to thoroughly enjoy the process of needle felting with the right materials and tools plus many time saving secrets. You will be amazed at what you can create with someone right there with you every step of the way.

Imagine the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction you will feel not to mention all the kudos from admirers when you complete the projects in these courses.

The Needle Felting Academy is a membership community offering you access to  variety of VIDEO Courses and the ability to chat with Teresa and other members in the forums or Private Facebook group as well as share pictures of your projects and get feedback on your work.

Teresa Perleberg


My passion for wool began when my daughter and I learned to knit and found wool yarn to be our favorite to work with. With the intent to learn how to spin their wool into yarn we purchased a small flock of Romney sheep. Shortly after purchasing the sheep I was introduced to needle felting for the first time and after receiving some brief tutelage and a felting needle from a friend I began my journey.

Over the years I figured out some amazing techniques and short cuts that make needle felting so much more enjoyable. I have also increased my flock of sheep to over 100 focusing on amazing wool that is perfect for needle felting.

I began selling my needle felted sculptures online and recieved questions on how I achieved these results and if I offered classes on how to do it. I taught some classes locally and soon after developed needle felting kits so others could learn this enjoyable craft as well. Since I started selling online in 2008 I am excited to say that I have helped over 10,000 learn to needle felt with my kits.

My kits became popular and those that finished them began asking for more classes on how to make more detailed sculptures. They would also tell me that they struggled to find anyone in their local communities that shared their passion for needle felting, and that is when the idea for the Bear Creek Needle Felting Academy was born.

The BEAR Creek Needle Felting Academy is for someone who . .


Has Just found out about needle felting

This is perfect for you, the academy has beginner courses for those that are just starting plus loads of information to get you started on the right foot.


Is looking for a place to talk with like minded people

Make new felting friends in the forums, share ideas and learn from each other. There are members from all over the world in all stages of their felting journey.  Share your disasters and felting achievements, organization ideas and encouragement plus much more


Wants FEEDBACK on their artwork

Taking a course and want to know if things are shaping up the way they are supposed to? Teresa will give you feedback on your projects, helping you to see what improvements or changes should be made to make the best sculpture you have ever made.


Has been felting for years

The Academy is full of courses and information just for you. The advanced courses will teach you new techniques and tricks that will help you take your felting to the next level.


Wants to learn how to add more detail to their sculptures

The video courses are designed to do just that, you will learn many new techniques in each course.  Learn how to add personality to your sculptures.


Needs motivation

Felt Alongs in the members only Facebook Group are not only fun but will help keep you motivated and felting so that you will improve.


Is interested in learning more about selling needle felted art or teaching needle felting

Teresa has been successfully selling her needle felted art online and at art shows and teaching needle felting classes since 2008 and would love to help you do the same.


Some of the techniques you will learn in the video courses-

How to:

  • make realistic eyes and noses
  • learn how to felt without annoying wire armatures
  • choose the right wool that works best for each project
  • combine wet felting with needle felting
  • layer colors
  • learn advanced needle felting techniques
  • attach components
  • make smooth surfaces that aren’t fuzzy
  • fix something when you make a mistake
  • use shortcuts to achieve quicker results
  • needle felt on fabric
  • dye wool
  • wash raw wool
  • make detailed, sturdy, realistic legs
  • improve your needle felting production time
  • actually finish your project with help and accountability
  • What supplies work best
  • Learn to save time, money and feel proud of your projects!

You will find beginner and advanced complete video courses on how to make an animal.   I am in the forums daily.   Ask me questions anytime.  I offer feedback on sculptures helping you to know just what needs to be done and how.

I cannot wait for you to join us!

Make this your most creative year yet.

learn how to felt


What Our Students Say

I have known about Bear Creek for several years now and purchased a single class online to make a bunny. She was fun and I enjoyed the class very much. When I saw Teresa’s work I was completely taken with it, and I wanted to know more about her methods. I had done some needle felting projects and even taught some classes at the local community college, but this was beyond what I felt my skills were at that point.
When the Needle Felting Academy became available, I was very excited to sign up! I purchased six or more kits and began felting with excitement!!! I loved the Academy so much that I have now signed up for an annual membership. You might say I am hooked. I can pose a question or send an email and I get a response very quickly. I am in love with the materials, and want more. If you want a wonderful experience with no pressure and lots of fun learning, this is a great place to be!!! Online learning with a personal touch. I love it!!!

Kim H

“I joined the Bear Creek Needle Felting Academy a month ago and am amazed at what I have learned. I started needle felting two years ago and the critters that I have made have pleased me and brought a smile to family and friends. But I recognize that I need to advance skill-wise and for that reason, I joined the Academy. In taking one course, I learned how to use armatures for legs and the benefits and process of incorporating wet felting into my work. I also discovered a variety of tips, such as not waiting until the last step to place eyes. I am excited about upcoming projects that Teresa has suggested and appreciate her responsiveness when I have questions.”

“I’ve been needle felting for a couple of years. I’ve started projects then abandoned them because I couldn’t figure out how to finish them or get the results I wanted. I joined the Academy so that I could hopefully learn some new techniques. I only took one course so far and I think my investment has paid off. I love the step-by-step directions and the finished products look so professional. The techniques I’ve learned I can apply to a lot of projects. If I have any questions that the Academy has not answered already, I can write directly to Teresa and get the support I need.
Theresa Hensel

“My experience as an academy member has been very very good. I find the tips helpful. I especially appreciate that I can go and watch a portion or lesson several times. My projects continue to need some refinement. I would not be improving if not for the opportunity the academy provides. I strongly recommend this learning opportunity for any level.”
Patty Marquardt

“Teresa, I have just finished your Elephant course. I can’t tell you how much I have learned watching and listening to you in your videos. Prior to joining your Needle Felting Academy, I was felting simple animals such as penguins and bears that looked more like children’s toys.  Being able to rewind and replay the videos has allowed me to felt to such an incredible anatomical detail that my elephant looks like a statue!  I can’t wait to start my next project with you!  I am so glad I found your website!”

Lisa Parisi

“I am so excited to be part of the Academy!! Being able to watch the videos over and over again is priceless! And the forums are a HUGE help!.”


“I have admired needle felted animals for a couple of years but I never thought it would be possible to actually make one for myself until one day when I was on Pinterest, Bear Creek Felting appeared on my Pinterest page. I went onto the website and almost immediately joined the Academy. I have completed the beginner course and have moved on to the intermediate course. Teresa does such an amazing job of teaching this wonderful craft. As I work through the course, it feels as though Teresa is sitting at the kitchen table felting with me. I highly recommend joining the Academy and be sure to purchase Teresa’s wool because it is excellent for needle felting.”
Ronnie V.

“I have fallen in love with your high quality products. I have successfully completed the sheep kit, the llama kit, and now starting the bunny kit. I am enjoying being a member of the academy also. Great information.”

“The tutorials are unparalleled! She breaks every step down and demonstrates it. If you have to stop the tutorial, it is very simple to pick up where you left off. My end product is getting better as I practice. I watch her video each time I make the woolen creatures and see something more that builds on my learning.

The Romney wool I’ve bought from Bear Creek is easier to use than the wool bought from a couple of other places.”

Cynthia J Ware

Academy Member

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Core Academy?

The Core Academy has all the information needed to get you from beginner through advanced needle felting. You will learn all of my methods within the core with the bonus of being able to add-on courses that you would like to complete at a 50% members discount.

These are the core courses in the Core Academy
  • Needle felting basics
  • Snowman
  • Penguin
  • Whale
  • Felting on fabric
  • llama
  • horse
  • Bunny
  • Bear (future)
  • Hippo (future)
  • dragon
  • turkey
  • Lamb
  • Elephant
  • Giraffe
  • Advanced Llama
  • DIY Needle Holder
  • Prefelted Balls
  • How to wash raw wool
Courses that Core members can purchase at 50% discount
  • Sheep course
  • Pig Course
  • Cow
  • Donkey
  • Lamb
  • Camel
  • Bison
  • Basset
  • Baby Elephant
  • Open Mouth Smile
  • Scottish Highlander
  • Cornucopia
  • Succulents
  • DIY Guide to Dyeing natural fibers
  • Advanced Zebra
Are the courses at specific times, or are they videos that I will be able to access at my convenience and pause, review and continue as I work?

There are a variety of courses at all skill levels that are available for you to view at your convenience at any time during your membership.  The courses are videos that you can pause, review and continue as you work.

Is a yearly membership for a calendar year, or for twelve months from the time I enroll?

The yearly membership continues for twelve months from the time you enroll.

Does the membership allow members to communicate with each other?

Yes.  There is a forum where you can communicate with other members, share pictures, files etc.  I am in the forums as well to answer questions and give feedback on your work.

Are the materials for the courses provided with the membership?

No.  A materials list is provided for each course with the amount and colors of wool needed as well as other supplies.  You are welcome to source your own materials, use what you have on hand or purchase a course kit from Bear Creek Felting.

I would like to become a member of the Felting Academy, but.. I'm from another country, Is this possible? .

The Academy is all online, the courses and forum are all accessible from anywhere.  It is in English.  I do offer the course supplies which are not necessary for you to purchase but are available for your convenience and I do ship all over the world.  You can find the materials locally as well, whatever works best for you.

Join the Felting Academy Community today!

And experience the satisfaction of creating something amazing with your own two hands!