Learn How to Needle Felt Realistic 3D Sculptures with Detail and Personality . . .

The Needle Felting Academy is a membership community offering you access to an ever growing variety of VIDEO Courses that will show you how to needle felt the BEST sculptures you’ve ever felted.

Plus, new content is added on a regular basis.

Is The Needle Felting Academy for you?

1. Just found out about needle felting?  This is perfect for you, the academy has beginner courses for those that are just starting plus loads of information to get you started on the right foot.

2. Have you been felting for years?  The Academy is full of courses and information just for you. The advanced courses will teach you new techniques and tricks that will help you take your felting to the next level.

3. Looking for a place to talk with like minded people?  Make new felting friends in the forums, share ideas and learn from each other. There are members from all over the world in all stages of their felting journey.  Share your disasters and felting achievements, organization ideas and encouragement plus much more.

4. Want to learn how to add more detail to your sculptures?  The video courses are designed to do just that, you will learn many new techniques in each course.  Learn how to add personality to your sculptures.

5. Want FEEDBACK on your artwork?  Taking a course and want to know if things are shaping up the way they are supposed to? Teresa will give you feedback on your projects, helping you to see what improvements or changes should be made to make the best sculpture you have ever made.

6. Need motivation? Challenges in the forum are not only fun but will help keep you motivated and felting so that you will improve.

I joined the Bear Creek Needle Felting Academy a month ago and am amazed at what I have learned. I started needle felting two years ago and the critters that I have made have pleased me and brought a smile to family and friends. But I recognize that I need to advance skill-wise and for that reason joined the Academy. In taking one course, I learned how to use armatures for legs, the benefits and process of incorporating wet felting into my work as well as a variety of tips such as not waiting until the last step to place eyes. I am excited about upcoming projects that Theresa has suggested and appreciate her responsiveness when I have questions.

The felting community forum will be available for you to communicate with other felting artists.

  • Share techniques
  • Share wool and supply sources 
  • Talk with Teresa and ask her questions. 
  • Organize your wool stash
  • Share project ideas
  • Felting with pets 
  • Share encouragement
  • Pictures of your projects
I think this is the best resource available for needle felting. The expertise, explanation, and resources available are outstanding. Teresa provides step by step instruction with video’s for each item and the format allows you go at your own pace. If you have a question or want feedback she is will provide. She encourages you to share your work and if you upload a pic of your work she provides reviews and offers direction and suggestions. The cost of a one year membership is less than I have paid for one instruction DVD for one felting project.

Some of the techniques you will learn in the video courses-

  • How to make realistic eyes and noses
  • How I use wire armatures
  • How to choose the right wool
  • Combining wet felting with needle felting
  • Layering colors
  • How I attach components
  • How I make smooth surfaces
  • What to do when you make a mistake
  • Needle Felting Shortcuts
  • How to apply hair
  • Beginner and advanced complete video courses on how to make an animal
  • NEW courses will be added continually.
  • Tips on how to improve your needle felting production time.
  • I won’t be trying to sell you products you don’t need, instead I teach you easier and cheaper methods.
  • The Best Part?  I am in the forums daily.   Ask me questions anytime.  I offer feedback on sculptures helping you to know just what needs to be done and how.
  • You have access to all courses at all times, old and new during your membership.

I cannot wait for you to join us and start asking questions, learning advanced needle felting skills, sharing resources, and sharing ideas TODAY!

Donkey Needle Felting Course

Elephant Needle Felting Course

sheep needle felting course

Pig Needle Felting Course

Smiles Tutorial

Cow Needle Felting Course

Lamb Needle Felting Course

Laying Down Lamb Course

Join the Felting Academy Community today!

Collaborate with Needle Felting artists all over the world!

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