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Why Promote the Bear Creek Needle Felting Academy?

Recurring Revenue

Many members opt for annual subscriptions, providing you with the potential for recurring revenue year after year.

This means for monthly subscriptions, you get $6 for the first month and $4 for every renewal, and for annual subscriptions you earn $59.85 for the first year and $39.90 for every renewal!

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Needle felting is a rapidly growing craft with a dedicated community of enthusiasts. Promote our academy and offer your audience high-quality, expert-led training.

More Reasons to Join

Partner with a Trusted Brand

Bear Creek Felting is the most trusted name in the crafting community. Align yourself with a reputable brand known for quality and customer satisfaction. Industry’s best.

Track Your Success

Our affiliate program offers a robust tracking system, allowing you to monitor your performance and earnings in real-time.

High-Quality, In-Demand Product

Our academy, led by expert Teresa Perleberg, offers unparalleled resources, including detailed video tutorials and personalized guidance.